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Tom's Beach Music Collection

Play calling around the 5 minute mark left in the game looked alot like Fox was back.

Original Panther Dan

Carolina gave this one away. The difference between playoff teams and average teams right there, in black and white.

PSL Owner

They gave away all the games they lost. They were leading and wearing them out and then a few questionable play calls.

Either way, same result. LOSS and sucks.


Mistakes of a young team. Details killed them. BUT, without a doubt this team has a bright future in upcoming seasons! No way were they making the playoffs this year anyway.

Dennis Green

I hope the Bears don't actually feel good about this win. Most teams arent going to allow a Special Teams and defensive TD in the same game while putting up 547 yds of offense. That "vaunted" veteran defense was swiss cheese today and "rookie" Cam Newton did the slicing. Enjoy your cold crappy winter and I hope the Lions kick your a*s next week!

Scott Nicholson

this team isn't that young--only the QB. It just doesn't know how to tackle. Or cover kicks.


beason and td injuries still playing a huge role plus we need to address the lack of depth on the defensive line this coming offseason.

Tom B.

Gee that's quite a crystal ball you have there rodney, can you give me this week's Powerball numbers? You obviously don't understand the new rules (at all), but even if what you're saying were true, why would Newton do something like that? A new offensive system? After one season? Confirming every idiotic stereotype the haters (like you) have about Cam? And why on earth would a team want to sign a guy like that, lest they eventually get screwed as well? Yeah, and now Steve Smith wants out as well? Honestly, where do you people come up with this crap?

One-hit wonder! Riiiiiiight! I know, he's just pretending to be this good this fast to get that $100 million contract in a bigger market! ROTFLMFAO! At least you haters are starting to get more creative now that the same-old $cam Newton bit is getting worn out.

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