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as long as we dont play defense and the other teams spank us every week for 30 points we will lose,we cant expect cam newton to score 40 points for us,defense wins games


We need to get Rivera in some play calling classes and fast. These 3rd and 2's throwing way down the field sucks. We have 4 games away and should be 5-0. Play calling SUCKS!!! BAD COACHING!


Gamble hit him with about 0 seconds on the clock. The timeout was called with 2 left. At least that is how it was explained on TV. Shockey showing up on the field after the play is irrelevant (unless FOX messed up, which wouldn't be a first)


Interesting game--was surprised with the bad behavior of the Saints. They must have been really scared of losing to a rookie QB. There is always another game.

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