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Jesus Tom. You simply don't get it. Neither do you Eric (Redskins fan who can't spell).

Rivera's saying that they want to see a sea of blue when they play. That means they want Panther fans to attend the games. He's working on improving the team so that Panther fans are willing to go to the games.

Tom, you don't understand that. It SHOULD matter that PSL holders are selling their tickets. They should be using them.

And as for Eric, you go ahead and stay a Redskins fan. We don't want you as a Panther fan.

Cat Man's friend

There are a lot of opinions on here, but i am a PSL owner from day one in the upper deck and i would sell my tickets to an opposing fan before i eat the tickets. i can't afford to stand on my laurels while i flush $200 down the toilet just to ensure four panthers fans sit in those seats.


Panther's have such a diverse crowd because Charlotte is such a great place to live. People have been moving down here for years and bringing team jerseys with them. Nobody is moving to pittsburgh or the other crappy cities. Thats why they keep a solid fan base.


Another thing that people have to remember is that many people in this area were Redskins fans before the Panthers arrived, even for multiple generations. Those loyalties don't die easily. Also, many transplants are from other cities and carry their loyalties with them. A Steeler fan would die rather than switch teams just because he moved to Charlotte. That's how deep the loyalty goes. By the way, that's my son to the right of the guy with the sign in the original article. We were sitting next to him. I'm mostly cropped out of the shot. Yes, we were among those cheering for the Redskins, and have been for 40 years.


This idea that if you're a transplant, you're never going to change your loyalty is BS. I was born in NYC, grew up in northern NJ and was a die hard Giants fan. Then I moved to Charlotte 17 years ago (coincidentally, the 1st year the Panthers came into existence) and I soon embraced this city as my home. And because this is my home and you'd have to pry my cold dead hands away from here to move me, I became and even bigger die-hard Panther's fan. I go to as many games as I can and I route for my Cat's even when they stink. And I can't stand the Giants anymore.

Steelers fan in Charlotte

If you're a "die hard" fan of a team, and you switch loyalties bc you move, then you have no idea what it's like to be a "die hard" fan. Also, FYI: Carolina fans, in large part, get a (mostly unfair) rep as being snobby fair weather fans who'd rather sip wine inside, rather that go watch the game in person. These comments about "crappy" cities that you've never been to only add to that snobby part.


The problem isn't that Panthers fans are selling their tickets, it's that they're not buying them in the first place. This allows fans of the well-traveled opposition to buy them for face value and organize a weekend trip with their buddies. I know, I'm a Bears fan that did the same thing to the Panthers last season.

Steelers fan in Charlotte

"The problem isn't that Panthers fans are selling their tickets, it's that they're not buying them in the first place." BINGO!


Charlotte doesn't have the fan base to support a professional football team. Asking the city to sell out a basketball arena is one thing, a football stadium with 70,000 seats is another. Fact is, the passion isn't here. People just don't support the Panthers like other cities such as Pittsburg, New York, D.C., etc. The article nailed it!!!

I love the Panthers but when I go to games, the energy level and love from fans, just isn't there.

Maybe it's because most of the locals are transplants? I don't know. Fact is, the team would love to have a better home field advantage but it just isn't going to happen.

Mr. Richardsson

Benedict Arnold would be proud of you!


"If you are a Panther fan, and you sell your ticket Sunday to a Minnesota fan this week, are you disloyal?"

Ummm YES!

I would NEVER sell my tickets to an opposing fan.

It's like fandom 101 people !!!

God sometimes Panther fans, I swear!!! LET'S GO!!!!


I've been a die hard Panther fan since day 1, and I do my best to go to at least 1 game a season. If I had the funds, I be at every home game. Whether he intended it to or not, I think that's a cheap shot at the genuine Panther fans out there. And I do also want to say this; while I LOVE going to the games, it's damn near infuriating when I'm trying to watch the game & people can't wait til the play is over to cross in front of me to go get a beer. And the ones that are really bad about it seem to need a beer every 5 minutes. "I'm out again, need a refill. Panthers are driving down the field? Eh screw it, I NEED a beer NOW!"


It is going to take a generation before there are nothing but true panther fans. What gets me is those people that leave after the 3rd qtr. Where do you have to be? It would take an act of God to move me from that seat. I stay if we are winning or losing. Mr. Richardson should get those tickets back and sell them for $10 to see the last qtr of the game. I know people that would come in and see the end of the game. How about it?


I'm not old enough to remember but my parents and their friends have all told me that Charlotte was a "Redskins town" before the Panthers. I am sure there are plenty of fans, like eric, who never converted. Couple that with DC being a short drive for fans in VA, it doesn't surprise me that there were so many Skins fans at this game. The low expectations going into this season make this year a bad example. Good luck to other teams fans trying to get tickets next year (aka year 2 of the Cam era).


To clarify, I wasn't implying that all transplants keep their allegiance to their hometown teams, but I'd say a lot do, perhaps even most. I know a lot of transplants here and every one of them has stayed a die hard fan of their hometown teams, including Pittsburgh, Philly, Cleveland, Giants, Redskins. Steeler fans are fanatical, I honestly don't think you'll ever find one of them jump ship when moving to another city. I remember watching a Monday night football game on TV a year or two ago. The Redskins were hosting the Steelers. There were probably as many Steeler fans as Skins fans in the stadium that night giving them as much of a home field advantage as the Redskins. It pissed me off that so many Skins fans gave up their tickets, but what can you do? I'm guessing there will always be a significant opposing team fan base at Panthers games, especially fans of Pittsburgh, Washington & Dallas.


...and that's the part that truly sucks RFF...


According to the artical to be a true fan you abondon your team if you don't out bid, out spend money that you working class people need for your families. Come on, man up, be more like those that LOVE their teams in cities like Pittsburg or New York. They are better fans then you are, they love their teams more because They, unlike you, spend their money at the stadium. If you don't go to the field you must not be a true fan. Must be nice to know the thinking or situation of others Tom.


Hey PSL guy IN NJ....guess we are not all blessed like you to have the ability to have extra money to get those tickets. Does that mean because WE don't have the things you do we are less commited to being Panther Fans? In your elitist eyes maybe it does, but from this point of view we are just as commited to being Fans. The more money you have the better fan you are I guess. Is that how it works NJ guy?


If it bothers the ones who are there that can afford to be there, get an extra one and take a friend. Me? I support them but do so within my budget. Pittsburg has a large fan base here, just as the Skins do. If they want to go to the games and can afford it thats ok by me. The only thing I want to know is why did they move here and not support their home city. Just think of all the money it takes to go to an NFL game. The money you are spending supporting Bank of America Stadium and the Panthers, don't you think your city, a city like Pittsburg, Atlanta, Washington or Philly could use it? Thanks for supporting our Team. Keep coming to our Home games. Get you and extra beer or two the next time.


I gave up my PSLs 2 years ago, when I could still get a halfway decent price. Now I buy from scalpers on the day of the game. Generally I get better seats at much less total cost. Though I hate sitting around 'alien' fans, I recognize they're great for Charlotte's economy. Why one earth should a PSL-holder, who's already getting hosed, not sell his seats to an out-of-towner? Get over it, Charlotte.

And, rather than whining about poor support, Jerry, how about improving the fan's experience -- with larger jumbo-trons (that actually show replays and give the fans the information they'd receive on their couches), edible (possibly even healthy) concession snacks, and half-way entertaining half-time entertainment.


Correction to previous post: that should be replays of controversial calls.


let me explain it another way. aint nobody moving to pittsburgh, green bay, buffalo, minnesota or any of the other teams you mention including washington. on the other hand there are thousand moving from the towns mentioned to clt. so yes once every couple of years they not only want to see there teams play, they lay down money to buy tickets. show me another team that had a 2-14 season and a history of only a few winning seasons who sells out EVERY FRICKIN GAME. so what in the hell are you talking about. it's a manufactured argument that is ridiculous. get off the panthers fans back. one of the nfl's largest stadiums in one of the smaller markets and it sells out every game. sorenson as usual is right.


Panthers fans have supported the team for years--with their back pockets!
PSL owners have been ponying up the cash year after year to keep the team going.
People don't show up when they're 2-14 and play with no heart. Why should they?
This is the first time the Panthers have given us anything to cheer for since 2003. Even though they're 2-5 this year, everyone is happy to watch them play. Why? Because they play with heart and they play to win. Their talent is strong and they will continue to improve. Put out a good product and the fans will come.


Mark, those fans of other teams don't pay because they want to support the Panthers or the city of Charlotte. They pay to see their favorite team play in person. It's really that simple. People move for many reasons. Job changes, family concerns, economic reasons, housing prices. That's why they move here. If they move here it's impractical and expensive for them to go home for their home teams games 8 weeks a year, so they go to sports bars that have the Sunday ticket, or they buy it themselves and keep cheering for their home team. Then when their team comes to play Carolina, they buy tickets to the game to see them in person. Is all this really that unreasonable or difficult to understand? I mean really. I'm from here, but the last time I checked, it wasn't a requirement when moving to the Carolinas to become a Panthers fan.


the Gamecock, Tiger, and Wolfpack fans, among others, are likely to be much less guilty of selling their season tix to others due to the inconvenience of going to the game. They have much better football cultures than that. Only Tar Heel fans so willingly give up the home game experience. This group should be shamed into coming to the games because a quality product isnt enough to get them off the couch.

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