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I'll agree with you that the timing was a bit off, but the thing is Morris is and has been a negative influence for journalism with The State for years, and finally--call it the Auburn article or Ellington article--Spurrier had enough. He spoke with the TV news reporters separately and would have with journalists, but refused to speak to anyone else until Morris left the room. Morris chose to call his bluff, but Spurrier wasn't bluffing. All the other reporters lost out because of it. Morris is a jerk. Say what you want about Spurrier, but he was defending himself and his team against false stories published by journalists. For that, I applaud him. He may have called you to complain about what you wrote Tom, but at least he never told you to stay away. Morris used his freedom of speech and pushed him too far. Spurrier used his freedom of speech (or in this case, the right not to speak) and Morris got what he deserved.

I have the right to go into a bar and get a drink. But if I cause a disruption, pick a fight, throw bottles at people, the management has the right to kick me out and refuse my business if they see me again.


"He hurt his credibility as a leader and a man Tuesday when he walked out of a news conference because of the presence of a columnist he doesn't like and, an hour later, cut quarterback Stephen Garcia, who leads the SEC in suspensions."

-Get the facts straight... Spurrier didnt cut him, but I guess that doesnt matter anymore. Maybe you were one of the people in that presser yesterday, right?


Tom - hopefully Spurrier want speak to you either due to your lack on knowledge around the situation. First, Spurrier didnt cut Garcia and secondly, the news already broke prior to the press conferencein regards to Garcia being SUSPENDED AND KICKED OFF THE TEAM (not cut). Get your facts straight.

Usually a Tom Fan, but...

The universal reaction by the reporters to Spurrier being wrong in what he did...seems prejudicial and biased to their profession. Net.."We can do whatever we want and you have to let us have access". Given the timing, I think this was a planned maneuver by Steve to take the heat on himself and distract all of you guys from digging into Garcia's situation relentlessly. Time will tell, but all you guys need to get off the "oh my, I can't believe what he did.." comments. Those comments are just to justify your own paychecks!


Join the crowd, Tom. Within the last 24 hours, both Larry Guest and Mark Bradeley stated that they have received profane, handwritten letters from Spurrier in response to perceived negative comments about him. Funny, I thought Spurrier said yesterday that it's ok to criticize him. Apparently, he's what I have always thought he is, a serial liar.



I would really like to see those "handwritten letters". I am sure that is true since Spurrier doesn't have better things to do with his time than write to local newspaper reporters.


Tom, check with Mark Bradley, and maybe he will share it with you.


Parnell Burnside

Gotta love you delusional gamecocks. Spurrier could break into your house and steal your TV and you would be talking about what a brilliant job he did picking your lock. You guys are sooooo desperate for any relevance whatsoever that you will buy whatever Steve's selling. He's running your program deeper underground than it already was and it's hilarious that you don't even see it.

Sam Dunham

Tuesday was not the first time Spurrier had publicly addressed the Morris column on Ellington. Ellington himself made a statement about it at the beginning of the football season. And Ellington's comments directly contradict Morris' claims.


Also, Spurrier knew BEFORE the presser on Tuesday that Gacria had been dismissed by AD Eric Hyman. Your blog is also inaccurate. Seems to be a running theme with yokel journalists.

George Patrick

The media spokespersons including Sorenson have missed the most important point- is what Morris wrote true? If true he was vilified unfairly;if false he deserved his public lashing.Sorenson also omitted he has the same owner as Morris.

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