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When I see a kicker miss a chip shot like that I always think somebody is "getting paid" if you know what I mean.


I disagree. Kasay missed his share of kicks and probably cost us a Super Bowl by kicking out of bounds on New England's final drive.
Saying "Get rid of Mare" is like saying "Get ride of Steve Smith" for that stupid interference call when Cam had the ball at the 3.

john holmes

Terry Taylor: and anyone else who wants to "defend" Kasay for kicking the ball out of bounds with the Superbowl on the line.

I was at the game. We were rolling. We had momentum. Our defense was psyched to get on the field. And then.....the air went out of the stadium. Period. You'll never know what would've happened if he had kicked it deep and kept it in. NOBODY cares if there was a holding call, and who cares if there were 3 holding calls and it got backed up to the 10. YOU CANNOT KICK THE KICKOFF OUT OF BOUNDS WHEN YOU HAVE JUST TIED THE SUPERBOWL UP, AND THERE IS LESS THAN TWO MINUTES LEFT. Kasay's stock became junk bonds at that very moment....and that is where it remains.


MArty Hurney is a moron!! i mean....what else is there to say about the man...armanti, e.brown, fiametta, t.davis deal, d.morgan, pilares, d.jarrett, k.colbert, eric shelton, cory irving, c.godfrey! (that's right he stinks!!) most over rated player on this team in a looooong time! he can't cover a rock! and hurney gave him a new deal bigger than T.Ponumalu! when he's a AVG!! SS at best! ppl get so caught up in the fact that he's athletic...but he can't cover!! and when you can't cover! who cares if you bring down a TE after a 15 yd Catch! the object is to keep him from catching the ball!! sure to be fair hurney has had some good picks, CAm, witherspoon, geddis, stew, c.johnson, but the drafting he's done and signings he's had the last 3 years on the defensive side of the ball have been HORRIFIC!!!! and that's what's concerning going forward we have out Fran. QB but we are depending on HURNEY! to all of a sudden become bill polian over night and start hitting on the picks..he's been missing on really bad the last 3 years...sure i "WANT" him too but i have no reason to believe that's going to happen.....what makes me more upset is the fact that we have a situation that no team can ever have!! with a head coach or GM and that's a situation where the coach or GM knows no matter what They will not be fired! you can't create that kind of enviorment in any business.....and that's what Jerry Richardson has done with hurney...we see how that worked out....for Matt Milan and the Ford family.....it destroyed them...until they fired him.....


Good riddance?

John Kasay was players rep and Panther's Jerry Richardson was lead rep for the owners, during this year's lockout. Next thing you know, Kasay's out, in favor of Mare, whose numbers are no better and performance to date worse than Kasay in a bad season.

Why haven't we heard about this in the media? Why isn't the media pushing the Panthers for answers? Perhaps we know: the media is a little too cozy with the team that the media covers.

For God-fearing, decent guy Kasay it all works out. He goes to, of all teams, the Saints, a legit Super Bowl contender where he may finally, justly get his Super Bowl ring.

Kasay scored 12 of the Saints 30 points, who beat the Panthers by 3. Kasay karma hurts, Mr. Richardson.

Good guys can finish first and Richardson's Panthers sink to the bottom of the NFC South. Good riddance, indeed.

Ted Milfman

blame the d, not mare. gamble has been the most underperforming player on this team for a few yrs now.

also, goodson should be given a shot to return.....armanti hasn't done shizzle


Give the guys a couple of years. Yes Mare should have made the field goal, Steve Smith should not have been called for holding. Shoulda, woulda, coulda--We had many chances before the end to have the game put away. If anyone thought we would win more than 4 or 5 games this year, they are nuts. Bring Clausen back if you want to see a lame team. Please remember that Kasay was not kicking in the league until NO kicher got hurt.


they hired Mare for his touchbacks but didn't Minnesota almost return one of those "long balls" for a touchdown on the opening play? Should have kept Kasay!!

PSL Owner

Anybody really think the Panthers would have pulled it out in OT? Remember, this is the team that has lost 20 out of their last 24. They would still have found a way to lose.

Thansk Mr. Sucker Punch

If anyone feels they just have to lay the blame at someone's feet, try Steve Smith. His holding call kept the Panthers from having a first and goal from the 3 with 42 seconds and one time out left. Cam could have run it in from there and Panthers win instead of going into OT. Mare is the easy target, but Smith's blunder was more costly. Mare cost them a tie, Smith cost them a win.


Kasay missed 3 FG's under 30 yards as a Panther. So he might well have missed this one. Mare didn't lose this game. The team got together and ensured a loss with sloppy play and mental mistakes.


Kaysay was cut purely for financial reasons. The last original Panther was a highly-paid veteran; Mare is a free agent. What is he being paid compared to what Kaysay was paid last year? The Panthers also cut Rees Lloyd as the kickoff guy, so another salary could be saved. Was the extra roster spot really that important to a re-building team? What have the Panthers dones with the extra roster spot, and how important was it? Did we just add a reserve who never plays? The Panthers -- on their way to an "exciting" 4-12.


The kick was the critical turning point in the game despite any other miscues. I doubt if John Kasay would have missed that chippy. Kasay's miscue in the SB was forgiven, because all the crucial kicks HE MADE was a primary reason the Panthers made it to the SB. That year, No Kasay, no SB.


Ok lets say we would have keep Kasay well sence he & Baker can't do kickoffs who gets inactive so we can active 2 kickers also who do we cut that's on the 53 man roster to do this Yea Mare miss one well Kasay does to

Kasay Has Missed 4 FG this yr & Mare Has Missed 3
so yea Mr. prefect Kasay isn't prefect either

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