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James Elam

Thanks Tom. The moral high ground is becoming tiresome.


I like it when UNC does well and I like the positive light it tends to throw on our State as a whole. But here lately Roy Williams induces me to vomit everytime he goes into whine mode, which seems to be every time he opens his mouth. How much longer before this scummy schmuck retires?


Dear Roy,

I'm not your friend, and don't want to be.

Sincerely, pack73


Roy Williams impresses me as the kind of guy who would go all week-end without flushing just to save a buck.


School colors and what you wear won't matter on judgement day. Because on judgement day, when you stand before Saint Peter you'll be naked.


to answer your question Tom...Yes, Roy would like to see Carolina fans at RBC wearing light blue. But would Godfried like those same fans screaming behind his bench while sitting next to the coach's wife? Next time you try to make a "good for the goose" analogy how about thinking it through and make sure it is the same thing.


Some cheese for that whine Roy? Man up.


The tickets behind the bench go to the biggest donors to the program. Go ahead, Roy. Bite the hand that feeds you.


Tired of Roy's whining. I think he needs a timeout.


Tom, I use to think you were a good writer for a lousy paper, now I know your a lousy writer for a terrible paper. I am glad your not a heels fan, if you were I would start pulling for Duke.

Bill Jenkins

Roy Boy better not stroke out before the ACC season starts.


UNC has already dealt with one embarrassing coach. It needs to bet rid of this buffoon. I got sick of hearing people saying, "You went to UNC, what's happening with that football scandal?" only to also hear "UNC, what is your idiot basketball coach up to?" UNC does not need to keep a buffoon as its head coach. It can compete just fine with someone who has even an iota of class.

Ace Juniper

he loses to a bad team in UNLV and starts talking trash about his own fan base.

how about motivating your team and learning when to call a time out.

if coach K had the talent of UNC he'd have even more wins......Roy can't get what he should out of his teams......too busy throwing out presby fans, complaining about his own great fan base, or wearing a KU sticker after his team flames out of the tourney.

D. C. M.

ol' Roy continuing the tarnishing of the Tar Heel image

Dean Smith would slap this guy


@Chris, really? Dean Smith is a terrible coach? ok. Re-think that, you sound as du,b as the guy that wrote this.

Who still has more national championships than duke? that's right, UNC!




Coach K could care less who is sitting behind him during games! If Roy could do the same & stop coming up with excuses after losses! Duke got there tail kicked last night but it wasn't becuz Ohio State had fans in Duke's lil section behind the bench! Roy sucks as a coach! Never win with that guys your coach yapping about fans instead of what's goin on on the court!

Art Sutorius

Mr Sorensen;
Please examine Roy's winning percentage, and then, in the time in which it has been done.
He learned from Dean Smith and has been a more efficient winner than Coach Smith.
He is a small town NC boy, with passion that suits the quality of the institutions
he has represented.
He does not brag, or boast. He just wins
and is paid well for it. The rich fans are
not a threat to his passion to do what they
pay him to do. WIN !
Than God for Roy and his returning to us when we needed him.
I was there in 1957 with that title team
of yankees. We were the pep band.
Art Sutorius Carolina'58/62
Concord NC


AD is named "Bubba", the basketball coach wants to shoot opposing fans with a Red Ryder, but NCSU is the Redneck school?

Makes sense...to someone...not me...


Just one more reason that the universities need to get out of the business of providing the developmental leagues for professional football and basketball.

Roy Williams is nothing less and nothing more than a professional coach who doesn't understand that, once you've sold your soul to the devil, you don't have the right to choose your customers. And he does it as an employee of the State of North Carolina, with taxpayers contributing his salary and enormous pension entitlement - as well as the expenses of remedial education and the disruption to the core purposes of the University related to attempting to educate athletes for whom school is no more than a second priority.

It's time for the universities to get out of the business. Start with revoking the tax exemption for college athletics, including contributions and ticket purchases for business entertaining. Thom Tillis, are you listening?


I'm reminded of an old riddle: How many UNC students does it take to screw in a lightbulb?...... One, because the world revolves around them.


Unbelievable that NOone with the media is pointing out that comments about guns and shooting people from a NC School system employee is not a violation of NC Law and the No tolerance policy. Any kid that follows Roy's advice and brings a BB gun to school to shoot at their competion should not be held accountable. It's the CAROLINA WAY right? Roy's NOT! Double standard!!! All the RAMS CLUB members think it's alright as long as he's winning games.

Ford Thompson

Wow... These Carolina fans can get emotional! I was on the fence on Williams' comments until I thought of Paterno and the influence he used to wield. Tom's dead on with his comments. The free market will handle this issue regardless of what Williams likes or says. You guys are lucky to have Tom Sorensen keeping your a*sses straight. ... Ford T

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