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Actual Real Fan

Nice words. Matt Moore plays like a hall of famer when the season is already out of hand. It's still up in the air whether he can win when the games actually count!


This goes to show, if a team gives Matt Moore a decent offensive line and good receivers he can be a constant winner.
To bad he never had either of those,with the exception of Steve Smith, when he played for the Panthers


Matt Moore put out to pasture in Carolina, goes to Miami and wins, then, John Fox leaves Carolina hated by fans, goes to Denver and win's. THink the Panthers may want to look at themselves a lil closer, getting rid of wrong people


Instead of whining about the NFL Network, why don't you just go out to watch it like the rest of the world?

Great GB-DET analysis. I've got similar thoughts on tomorrow's NY-NO game: If New York can come out and stay smooth on offense and score more points than New Orleans does, they'll definitely win the game.

BP, you're an idiot. Moore had two perennial Pro Bowlers on his team in Gross and Kalil. He simply can't handle the pressure of playing games that matter (which his in Miami absolutely don't.)

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