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Henry I. Milfman

So i'm guessing Cassius and Joe didn't exchange christmas cards.

Ace Juniper

boxing has gone the way of the typewriter

it's all about the Octagon nowadays.


Boxing is alive and well, the core audience and chief participants have shifted.. the Octagon has taken boxing's old audience, but the Sweet Science has gained new followers from the Hispanic/Latino, Eastern and Western Europe, and Asia. Just because you done watch it doesnt mean that its obsolete. The same was said 20 years ago about the NHL.


Liver cancer is a side effect of steroid abuse. Just sayin'

| That One Guy

Liver Cancer is a Side Effect of Life...


I guess Ali is the last one standing, although seeing him on TV at the Cardinals vs Rams game I would say he is the last one sitting mostly.


There will never be another rivalry like Frazier/Ali.

they both were the geatest to me!


May God bless you, Joe.... Thanks for all of the memories and for all that you've given to the world over the years. Rest in peace...

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