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I can see both sides of the whole Fox argument, though I would like to point out a couple of things:

1> when Fox was our coach we DID have a run-first mentality. That's because contemporary wisdom says that the run sets up the pass by pulling secondary players down to stop the run. There is nothing wrong with that philosophy and it does frequently work for most teams.
2> if Fox was as stubborn as some folks would like us to think, there's no way we would have won a game we played against Atlanta in '06 when Delhomme got hurt. Anyone who saw that game realizes that one of the most innovative offenses to develop over the last decade or so really got its foot in the NFL door in that game, where our RB's took direct snaps and ran the ball for the vast majority of their offensive plays. Dan Henning was our offensive coordinator that year and took that offensive gameplan with him to Miami.
3> Fox has been considered for coach of the year honors by the league in the past, most notably during the '03 season.
4> team staff and management make a living by evaluating everyone involved with the team, from the equipment managers to the players to the coaches. If Fox was not a good coach, he would not have a job.


John Fox------Coach of what year????
If Tim Tebow were on the sidelines and Kyle Orton were still throwing the ball, would he still be Coach of the year? John Fox is at best a defensive coordinator PERIOD!!!!!!
He is the least imaginitave coach I have ever watched! Way to scared to try anything new would describe him more than conservative! I personally hope Tebow becomes a free agent and ends up in FL because I think Elway wants Luck in the draft because Elway is a Stanford alum.


Once again Tom you prove yourself to be short on both knowledge and writing ability. Your style of writing smacks of an elitist mentality. In your world I guess you are the grand poo-bah of all things. Fox is at best a defensive co-ordinator. I don't dislike Fox and wish him luck. You on the other hand are symptomatic of why the CO is steadily going down the drain.

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