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Tom, just have QBs wear dresses and be done with it! No real man will hit a lady.


Read up at SI.com, Tom. McCoy had tucked the ball away and was out of the pocket, by rule making him a runner, who is not entitled to helmet-to-helmet protection. It's irrelevant that he threw the ball at the last second.


I think helmet to helmet is illegal no matter what. When did football players forget how to tackle? Seems every time they lead with the helmet. The safer the equipment, the more risk they take. I think Suh is "fixable", doubt Harrison will ever change until he's suspended. Hopefully that's soon......


is the NFL 2-hand touch or is it tackle?


Agreed. If Suh or Harrison really want to fight, there are openings in Afghanistan. But something tells me they'd both decline the privilege of wearing this country's boots.


Nathan, Suh and Harrison probably would sign up if you were to call them yourself from somewhere like for instance...Afghanistan! Until then, quit grandstanding.


Look, here's the thing. We've all seen the HD, slo-mo replays of that hit. Harrison lowered his head and turned his 248 lb body into a 20 mph battering ram aimed directly at Brown's QB Colt McCoy's head. McCoy's dad was so shocked that he shared a tweet from his son, immediately after the game, that basically said he was concussed and had no idea what had happened to him.

There's a difference between war and football. In the latter case, participants have the right to expect a life after the game where they're functionally sound in mind and body. James Harrison, as well as Adomikan Suh, have repeatedly shown they can't distinguish between the two. They are thugs, pure and simple.

They should both be suspended for the remainder of the season. Mere fines don't seem to be getting the message across. The Commissioner needs to grow a spine and send a message, or somebody is inevitably going to get killed on an NFL field at some point in the future. Then what will the enablers say?


Harrison is a mean player who makes some dirty hits on players. Suh does the same. But a helmet to helmet hit that concusses a scrambling QB in the heat of an NFL game is one thing. He basically should've aimed lower, but thats how he's always played the game. I put more blame on the Browns for putting McCoy back out there so soon than I do Harrison.

Suh on the other hand, cleated another players bicep after slamming his head into the ground 3 times. There is NO time something like that is acceptable, hence the 2-game suspension. Harrison simply should have hit McCoy in the chest or stomach, or led with his shoulder instead of his helmet.

Apples and oranges.


The object of the game is to tackle the guy with the ball and bring him to the ground. At all levels there are coaches that teach players to punish the ball carrier and try to take him out of the game.

Take out a QB and the odds of winning increase greatly. This has been taught and reinforced for a long time and it's not going to get reversed quickly. Only by pushing the rules the hard other way, so that the defender loses so much it's not worth it to him, can this be fixed.

The NHL is suspending guys for longer periods and if Harrison was benched for the rest of the year without pay, he wouldn't tackle like that again.


Just because Harrison is a Steeler does not make it different for this guy. he has a history of cheap and dirty hits and one day, God forbid, something serious happens and the NFL did not do more then we see different opinions. This guy should be ejected from the game and learn another sport.


Harrison should be suspended for several games the same way Suh was.
These dirty and highly illegal hits that can end a players career have no place in football.
The posters here that are defending this type action really prove they have never played the game and know very little about how it is supposed to be played.


Tom, why don't you just worry about the panthers, all of you would take Harrison on your team in a heart beat. He plays hard and aggressive.


I was born in Pittsburgh and bleed black and gold. I watch every snap of every Steelers game with NFL Replay, even if I've already seen the game. Harrison has taken some cheap shots. I'm a fan of the team, not Harrison. He could have moved slightly before impact just like you and I would if a peron darted in front of our car. A split second maneuver could have changed the McCoy hit into a good football move. Harrison almost took of Mohamed Massaquoi's head last year. At the moment both of these hits happened, I immediately thought they were cheap shots, but figured most other LB's took shots like that sometimes. I searched for video of sacks by other high level linebackers and found that most of them wrapped up QB's and didn't smash their heads in. I really don't like Harrison, but I'm glad he's not turning Big Ben into a Bobble Head.


It was the cheapeast of cheap shots. Suspend that sucker for the rest of the year!


Get over it and move on Harrison is a stud. Worry about something else losers

Kris Kringle

My ten year old played tackle football for the first time last year. The first time he hit/tackled a kid he made the boy cry. He felt so bad about it, he held back every play all season long, and the coaches constantly told him he needed to be more aggressive. Obviously, every time a player "blew someone up", the entire team went wild, practice or real game. The adulation for the big hit was unbelievable. Now do that for 15 or so years that Harrison has been playing, you can imagine why he questions why he is being taken to task for doing his job...


Well at least he didn't rape anyone like his QB. Or murder anyone like the star LB from a rival team. Or take drugs or steroids, or kill another person while driving a car drunk like Donte Stallworth. Really Tom, find another soap box. The level of vitriol around these hits v. the free pass other players get for doing far worse things is a sad commentary on your priorities and those of our society. I can't believe rapistburger is a free man, much less playing in the NFL. But yeah, let's pile on the guys who do the exact things we want football players to do: be the avatars of our own aggression. Such a Christian instinct, to hate/decry/denounce that which expresses our own desire.


The real problem is that technology has made helmets meant to protect people into weapons. If they still wore leather helmets, would anyone be hitting helmet to helmet? Did anyone ever intentionally hit head-to head when you played pickup games? It was still football then but you didn't have attacks on people with deadly weapons. They need to make helmets protective but not dangerous- soften the outside and provide the hard protection inside

Scott Davis

TOM!!! Dirty is NOT what Suh OR Harrison is!! Dirty would be TRYING to end a career or being malicious. Suh and Harrison play the game the way it's been played for YEARS!! Played before REPORTERs like YOU started crying and whining about stuff that YOU will never understand!! Report!! Let players play!! Those MEN put their health on the line every time they step on the field. Suh and Harrison represent players that say "We're going to continue to play the game we were taught growing up!" Now, I KNOW that I'm going to catch an insane amount of crap for this rant. When the game started caring about what reporters and people OUTSIDE the game said, the game went to crap! Yesterday, Tom Brady was hit with a LEGAL and GOOD hit...FLAG!! Hawgwash!!! It really just s**ks to watch these men play this game now, knowing they're going to get flagged for what was NOTHING 4 years ago!!

issac newton laws

Is it hilarious or what that the drunkard Joe Blow sportswriter writes about wants 15 yr vet original 8th leading scorer John Kasay back after they ran him off and now stuck with this laughable pretender at QB with a criminal record a mile long at only 22 years of age?

Issac Newtons laws of motion from 250 yrs ago says what goes around comes around never fails.

You idiots are stuck with the Newton FREAK and all the side effects plus you got rid of Fox and Kasay after years of hating them among others including Jake.

John Kasay and John Fox both says THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for taking us out of that hellhole !!!!!


Harrison was clearly facing Colt when he threw the pass. He had time to react and hit him lower and not lead with his helmet. He chose to aim high and try to take the QB out. If the QB leaves the pocket, he's fair game to an extent. He is not a RB in the NFL, nor do any of the QBs have the build of an NFL RB. The league is trying to protect one of the single most important players on a team which is probably what makes a 250lb linebacker angry. Without Brady, Romo, Ben, Ryan..etc, you get Palko and the likes, in other words backups are playing when the starter is taken out over a hit intent on taking them out. Without rule protection, we would be seeing 3rd stringers under center. NFL is doing the right thing for the QBs.


Posted by: mack brown...

...is just plain and simple not a good person. Probably a weak or obesese person, that is jealous of abilities and qualities he will never posess.

I feel sorry for him and his ability to only envy and hate those well above his lot in life.

He will never understand the respect competitors feel for one another as he has most likely never been a true competitor.

His post reflects poorly on his parents as well and what type of people they must have been.


Not today they don't!


I played a hemlet-free contact sport in college and came out of it with three concussions (and I am henceforth blaming any stupid thing I do, including my abysmal GPA, on that). Back then, in olden days, I didn't sit out a week. I maybe missed a practice. Maybe. Was it smart? Hell no. We know more now. We know better now, so we do better. And if that mean suspending Harrison, the NFL has my support. There are safe ways to tackle, or I'd probably be dead. The NFL taking this topic on is a great start but it's an education issue too. Little kids need to be taught safer ways AND see the big guys doing it the same way.


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