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Review by S. Treichler for Rating: This is the best 1/2 helmet on the mkaert period! I have ridden off and on for 30 years and have NEVER had a more comfortable, cool (looking and temperature), and functional (with the visor) helmet. Buy it, and buy it now!!


You want to know that the automobile you lease will get you where you are going It is very itrpomant maintain prices low when traveling, whether or not you might be traveling solo seeing an international nation for the primary time or a family along with your automobile full of kids and baggage heading for the seashore or an amuse


I've worn a good quality open face hemlet for 7 years Had one accident (i was only going about 10km per hour and it was my fault lol!)If your a safe driver and are very aware of your surroundings, open face If you like to go fast, full face


What a douchebag. Appeal? He got a 2 game suoepnsisn and apparently no fine; if the Lions were going to fine him, why hasn't been done already? Count your blessings, asslicker, & be glad the NFL is loving the ratings.Well, actually as you can see, I'm trying to take myself out of this situation. I wasn't going to call the Boy named Suh a doucebag asslicker, as you can see I did not. I apologize to my Total Packers teammates for putting myself in a situation where everyone can see I'm a lying twat.


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fucking loosers dont even know what your saiyng, when god comes to pick us up, youll be soo fucked, you fucking gringos that think that god does not exist, the US is one of the main reasons why there is a climate change, siempre metiendose en las mierdas que no son de ustedes, creyendose los reyes del mundo, donde esta toda ese bullshit de aceptar a todos como son,solo hablan mierda porque no tienen problemas de verdad espero que a ustedes les afecte mas que a nadie, fucking assholes

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