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This is beyond frustrating. The lack of competitiveness is horrible.

In the 90's and early 00's we were always in the hunt for the NCAA. Granted we never made it past the 2nd round but at least the season was always fun.

I was a fan at the time of joining the A10 because it seemed to be the best option but it has turned into our demise. No kid wants to play Fordham, Duquesne or St Bonny.

George Hanson

"Gave fans no reason to come back..."

Does that sort of mindset also apply with the Bobcats?

Delano Johnson

Being a former player and 49er alum it's hard to see the university suffer from bad coaching and no motivation. Hopefully the trend will not continue or we should think about a new replacement for the head coach and his staff!


Temple will reach the Final Four. That team beat Duke without the 6-11 kid they had on the floor last night. It is this year's VCU at a minimum.

89 Graduate


Thanks for the memories. It was great watching you and your teams.

If you really think the coach is that bad, let the AD know. You have more credit than any other poster.

I have since moved on the NJ but try to keep up and rely on the Observer and Ninernation.net to keep me informed.

Boston Owl

Boy, it sure is strange to see how many in ninernation talk about the A10 as if it's somehow beneath Charlotte's standards. It's like niners look in the mirror and see Blue Devils or something.

If the A10 is so beneath the niners, how come they haven't been able to walk away w/the championship -- or at least make it to the title game?

Get real. The niners are losers and should be kicked out of the A10 for impersonating a big-time college program. . . .


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