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Larry Simmons

I disagree that they are not close. I think they are actually very close. I don't know how you define "there", but they are close to being able to compete and win games against the Dukes and Carolina's. It may or may not be this year, but they are close. The fanbase is back, the players are improving, they are better coached.

theodore milfman

I think that Pack is getting better.

I'm confused as to how a team like UNC can play so good and so bad within a week or two. Does that speak to coaching??

Preseason #1 to a roller coaster of a year.

I'm worried the ACC is very weak this year. big 10, big 12, big east, and even SEC is looking better overall.

holden thorpedo

state had a horrific night and the heels were on. i think they are closer than before, the future is looking better.

state played indiana much better, and indiana beat uk....which played unc pretty well if i recall.


"state played indiana much better, and indiana beat uk....which played unc pretty well if i recall."

C'mon man - you could play that game all day long. Every game is different.


Don't understand how 17 wins and 3 losses is a "roller coaster"? UNLV was on the road in the early part of the year. Kentucky at Kentucky by 1 point needs no explanation.

The loss to FSU (on the road) was bad, but whether it's 1 point or 33, it counts the same.

They have two major injuries (McDonald and Strickland). Regardless, no team wants to peak just yet. UNC has two good wins after the loss to FSU (which traditionally has played UNC tough down there), one at VT (another school that plays UNC tough) and then a big effort against State last night.

Only one team can win it all, and UNC may or may not be that team. However, to question Roy's coaching skills when he's 17-3 isn't very wise. Everyone suffers a huge loss at some point.

If you're worried about the ACC, then have schools other than UNC, Duke, and FSU step it up. There's a lot of talent out there.

sugar smacks

Stilman is the best Tar Heel to ever come out of Wilmington. He was money last night! An assist and 3 pt machine.

The kid should be starting.

Q Mon

stilman is a baller. I bet he got some last night.


Surely you jest sugar smack(Ed)
I guess that means Stilman will win 7 NBA titles?


amy mclawhorn - Love you guys and it warms my heart to see you so happy and clioatmbpe! Bobby is my baby brother, but he has been a rock for me recently and that means the world to me. He and Susan are a perfect match and I wish them all the happiness in the world as they make a whole new family together!! Love you both!!


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Yep. And in Utah a few weeks back 12 LEO's from two forces sevred a warrant on 1 formerly non-violent guy who owned a gun, and he shot 6 of them as they moved in. I think a bit of patience (and trust that they wouldn't cut him down as he came out the door) could have changed that outcome. We can toss in walkie-talkies. We can use, hey, bullhorns. We can even send in a few pepper poppers. 12 guys? Six wounded? By one Wall-Mart (?) employee. That makes it a half-million dollar medical and staff bill just to pick up a weed guy. DoD spending mania has found its way into the budgets of broke townships all over the US? Money is secondary!' Yeah, right up until the new contract's pension terms are up for discussion. Then money seems to be valuable. Desirable. A bad think to waste. Out of my pocket and into yours? Forever?


It's a joke. The other day in my neighborhood, a warnart served on a non violent felon who wouldn't answer his door somehow necessitated 2 SWAT teams and an armored car, along with the shutdown of two major streets. I don't blame the guy for not coming out, he probably figured some trigger happy wanna-be would light him up for reaching for his waistband . The same thing could have been accomplished by one guy sitting in a car down the street and a little patience, but then how do you justify having a freaking armored car?


BJ - I have known Bob since way back when Can you say Middle School? He is a such a great guy & I am so happy that he has found a great gal to match his personality! The pics are gouegors just like the couple. I wish both of them the best!


those cap and gown shots are GORGEOUS!having worn those horrid thigns three times, i know how awkward they are, and you made her look FABULOUS!


Haha! You the man JD. I think you should take this opntrtupioy to change the colors on this blog to Carolina Blue, and show Hanks wearing the Psycho T jersey we made him wear at the UWDoB. I'm sure he would really appreciate that.


I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your blog and your posting. And the whole Grace Imparted is what my blog, "Unwrapping the Gifts of God" is all about! So fun to see how God rtaepes Himself when He wants His people to really get it...And thanks for allowing me to link up! I tried to use your button, but for some reason it wouldn't copy and paste. so I just did a manual link up.


Oh, Richella, reading this rellay gave me a sense of what it must be like to take a child to college. Like dropping them off on the first day of preschool, but times 100! How wonderful that the suitemates are good guys and that you can break the ice with cookies. It's definitely not that easy with girls. P.S. Go 'Heels! ;)


I completely agree with Ryan. I think it is very stgnare when people cry over something they have no control over and had no part in helping get there. I also played sports in high school and I played basketball in college. When you're on a team, you can cry yes, because you actually have something to do with the winning and the losing of the game. As a fan, no, I think it is crazy when people get so emotional over a game that is just meant to be as entertainment. If you know someone on the team personally, fine, go ahead and cry, but if you are just some normal fan there is no reason to get mad when they lose or cry when they win.So yes Ryan, you are right!


There is no right or wrong. It's all about the connection you feel with the sport, team, city, contury, etc. It's an emotional response, and as such doesn't have to be rational. You guys who are advocating that it's not normal don't feel that kind of connection, and that's all you, go ahead and live a great life, and cry over other things that other people will judge you for. Personally I'd rather cry over a sport, than over a TV or movie anyday; to connect with human emotion when it happens, and not over characters portraying emotion as it's written, and that include BS reality shows like the Hill and such.

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I love the Avett Brothers too. I saw them in concert this past new years eve and they were specatcular. I also know exactly how you feel about going home and how where you are from will always be home no matter how great UNC is. I hope everything went well with your mom's surgery and I hope she recovers very quickly.


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Aunt Debra - These pictures are amosewe, they take me back to the moment to include the happiness and emotion we all felt for Tiffany and Chris! I love you!November 27, 2011 5:40 pm


I remain suersiprd at the depth of preparation for war prior to secession. Someone was carefully crafting legislation well before separation was declared. It also speaks to what must have been a widely held view that being a citizen of a state was vastly more important than being a citizen of a country . That perhaps shows my ignorance of southern perspectives in the era, but I suspect it also speaks to the very different ways of thinking from colony to colony and state to state.

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