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The Falconer

Panthers sent their best and only Smith deserved it....sounds about right.

I agree, all star games are super lame, they don't play to win any more which goes against the essence of sports. It sickens me and is ruining sports. MLB all star game is the worst now, used to be the best when i was a kid.

Proud American

He said all he cared about was the Super Bowl and not the Pro Bowl. He played exactly like that too!


he needed to put a towel on his head and not talk to anyone after those int's !!!!

charles in charge

he was probably upset with the new panther logo.


Cam was playing the defense by himself. His biggest mistake was going out there to prove something. All of those BEST IN THE NFL Probowl defensive players smelled blood at that time.... The best thing that will come out of this is a humbling that will drive him to be even better next year. I saw him looking dejected on the sidelines #can'tdoitonyourown 101.


Give me a BREAK!!! All this mess about Cam sucked, and Cam was disrespectful, etc...wow! NO ONE on that field took the game seriously. It was more like a Junior High try-out scrimmage. NO ONE played to any percentage of their ability.

However, in his defense, he was the only QB during the entire game that the other side's defense tried to hurt. It was ridiculous...Brees and Rodgers...did they meet with anyone trying to come after them...NOPE! Once Cam ran for that first down it was all she wrote...they were determined to beat him down and they did (no help for Cam from the O-Line either). Anyway, at least everytime he got smashed he got up with a HUGE grin on his face.


Apparently Tom was the only person in the world who actually cared about the Pro Bowl. The game was crap, but Tom treats it like it was the Super Bowl. Cam must not have given Tom an interview and this is how he gets back at him.


The ONLY games that matter to me are the ones that will get us to the Super Bowl. Don't forget to include Cam inhaled while the rest of his team exhaled. Stupid mess on my timeline....smh


Newton should not have been there...Matt Stafford was Robbed


It's the Pro Bowl... who cares?

That game is a joke, and moving it to between the Conference Championship and the Super Bowl proves it! It means NOTHING to the NFL, and NOTHING to the players... it's time to drop the idea all together.

Selling tickets to this thing is fraud!


I don't understand why the have this so-called "game".




Chris Harris tweeted that the Pro Bowl should be a flag football game so it would be actually more competitive. I agree...


More GODell strle of football-


As noted, game was a joke, D backs for both sides looked worse than the Panthers though to give Panthers credit, at least they were trying to stop the receivers. I'm pleased Cam did not get hurt....seems some of the AFC linemen did not get the memo...went after Cam hard though the NFC OL took most of the day off and made no serious attempt to block anyone or protect Cam. Jealousy running high in the NFL.


Dalton didn't play serious, but he also didn't embarrass us like Cam did!!!


dalton got no pressure. go back and check the tape.
Brees - 0 pressure and no sacks
Rogers - 0 pressure no sacks
dalton - 0 pressure no sacks
Rivers - 0 pressure no sacks
Rothenberger - 0 pressure no sacks

Newton 5 pressures 2 sacks

Now you tell me who got disrespected in this game. Yes he made some bad throws. but all the other QBs had all day to throw the ball even they had some bad throws. Yes I was embarassed, for Cam. But all that said, don't take my word for it. take the MVP Marshall who said after the game that they were upset about the onside kicks and steped up their game in second half and were being encouraged by the coaches to take it to them. Even that would have been ok if the NFC Oline had made some attempt to block. Cam was constantly having to scramble. The one person that I am really disapointed in is Tom Sorensen I expect him to know better. My bad!


Hey, Scam Sux, I hope u trip on ur shoestrings, fall on a blade, cut ur esophagus, u die and rot in helll. How does it feel, hater? Hey Observer, How in the helll did u allow scam sux's comments to be posted? Anytime that i use profanity, my comments dont make it on here.

Ricardo Cobb

Cam you might as well be Obama! I'm sorry young man.


You can always tell ignorance by the language they use. This is why i don't usually read these post let alone make a comment. It's impossible to argue with an ignorant person. Very sad. he couldn't argue my point, Just use foul and abusive language. Bye

Wilhelmenia King

We get a decent QB who happens to be a decent young man, and all you can do is bash him? When was the last time YOU got something perfect the first time? Oh, by the way, when was the last time Charlotte sent anybody anywhere post season? Oh yeah, way back then!!! Talk to Mr. Richardson and see what HE thinks of his selection. I bet he sleeps like a baby every night, right before he wakes up and goes to the bank!!!! Way to go "Jere"!!!!


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Cusumano writes that while each principle represents a big, enduring idea, in the end, they are relatively high-level abstractions and should be taken as guidelines, not prescriptions. “Managers must still figure out how to apply these concepts and lessons from the different

AU fan

Ken...thanks for the stats. You apparently were one of the few people that grasped what was going on....certainly Tom appears clueless. Up until Cam was in the game, the DL made no effort to get to the QBs...gave them all day to throw. Second half and they are bull rushing Cam and one guy about stripped Cam's jersey off him before tossing him down out of bounds. Guess some of the DL guys were looking for a little payback after Cam ran circles around them during the season.


Cam didn't set his feet when he was throwing the ball, but then again he was the only QB in that game that got pressured from the defense. Sad to see the "pro" offensive linemens on the NFC didn't even put any effort to block for him. Give Cam some credit, even though he got disrespected.

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