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Foul language = ignorance = jealousy = Someone who obviously doesn't recognize real talent when he sees it.

Observer not removing foul language post = very poor judgement!


DO you know football or just a critic? First of all, the Pro Bowl for football is a waste of time. If you watched the same game I did, and knew anything about the game, then you know Cam was not given the same benefit that Rodgers or Brees got. The New Orleans line never threw one block for Cam the entire half. The AFC defense picked it up against him. And can you honestly say Graham and the receivers, except Smith actually ran routes or tried for a ball. No, they did not. The Pro Bowl is a dinosaur and needs to be laid to rest.


AJ has definitely been a diceerfnfe maker. Without him there are very few big plays. The real problem is that we don't have a good #2. Simpson is just getting it done. Incredible galant, just not that smart or focused. We need to get another big target for Dalton. If I see Simpson do that stupid first down move after a catch when were down, he has spent way too much time with Ocho. AJ is going to get so much better, were just seeing a glimpse of what he's capable of. The future looks bright, hopefully we can get a #2 that wants to be a pro and not a clown.


Josh, I love the section about the Defensive stats on your wtibsee but one thing that is missing in your play recently is the FG%. I am all for downing treys because you ace those but the next time you think of shooting a normal jump shot, consider going in for a dunk or work your way in for a layup. Thay way you will have a perfect all round Defensive game and a respectable Offensive Game based on a decent FG%. Can you do me a favour and at least aim for a couple of monster 50%+ FG% in the next couple of games? I would be surprised if you guys are unable to win if you are able to achieve that Peace!Speed..


HEY josh, you are awsome! you are the geeatrst dunker ever. i really like to watch the hawks you guys are awsome. I never miss a game.if i would get to meet you and the hawks i would be really happy! My b-day is on april 1st and i would love to see you play the celtics. If i did i would be so happy and if i got YOU GUYS autographs i would be super happy. P.S MY GRANDMA GOT ME YOUR JERSEY FOR CHRISTMAS AND I LOVED IT.


Fox are one of my favorite anailms. I've lived in the woods and had poultry since 1997. We have fox nearby on a regular basis. They respect our farm dogs' territory. Not once has a fox ever been in the hen house or otherwise given us cause for concern. ~Robin


u holdon it down for atnatla.yall blew indiana out the other night it was a good game.if yall stay consistent yall gone make it to the playoffs and i will b right there watchin as usual screamin for u and joe while my daughter scream for bibby and jamal crawford.good luck and b blessed this season


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Well well, if it isn't old misrepresented England shitoong for greatness. Newton just happened to be at hand to seize the prize of being put full frontal into the spotlight of species and their origins. What about mutation! Eh Most certin it must be you did learn about both in Biology class and just applied them to different parts of it! as for shouting to the man in the moon and the echo getting back at you with the back-draft of some hundred thousand km/h well the Americanos did it with their Apollo missions and are a more spectacular example of trial and error testing of out natural world rather than Newton's apple! Be safe in your bubble, cause any step is a burst fright!


Our true nature is to be ninruturg, loving, playful, sensual, and non-violent. That is why we don't have sharp canines, claws, fur or scales.When we are out of balance or stressed, then we become violent. Science has proven that with stress our Serotonin levels rise and we become more aggressive and violent.Change begins by accepting the truth that we are NOT naturally violent and cruel, and that we are capable of incredible goodness and love.


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