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Tom , I knew this would not be a .500 team with the Bobcats this season. I felt like the Gerrald Wallace trade took the heart out of team. I was willing to give Jordan and company the benefit of truly trying to remake this team into a contender. But after watching what happened with the Hornets trading Larry and Zo it seems to be repeating with the Bobcats. One thing the Bobcats with Wallace showed was heart. They may not have been great but they competed most nights and over the usual 82 game NBA schedule I felt a fans pride in the effort.Right now it looks passionless and the only reason for these players to practice and show up in a uniform is for the paycheck. I'm not laying blame on the coaching staff for this lack of passion. But something is clearly going on behind the scenes regardless of talent level or coaching. On the 49ers its been a sad sight ever since they joined the A10 , I long for going to the old Mineshaft or Independence Arena to watch them play in the old Sun Belt with Byron Dinkins et.al. They were fun then. Always enjoy your comments Tom , Go Vikes (next year!)

Will Linville

First, Coach Major should be fired.

Secondly, how is branding a College athletic program or professional sports program a gimmick? It's done that way because this is the city that these teams were birthed in, believe it or not. I think switching the athletics to just "Charlotte" was a brilliant move for recruiting and exposure. I've never read so many dumb comments ridiculing any other athletics program about a damn name. The shoe fits, well - and they should stick with it.


It's not a gimmick; it's just a lie. The name of the the school HAS NOT been changed. It's still UNCC. How can you just arbitrarily change your name to something else and expect people to take your seriously. Does Tom wake up tomorrow and just insist on people calling him Tim? Also, Louisville IS the University of Louisville. Cincinnati IS the University of Cincinnati. This school is still the University of North Carolina at Charlotte in every aspect. It it was "rebranded" to "Houston" should we begin calling it that? It's just ridiculous.

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