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I read the article. Now, who are you and what did you do with the real Sorenson?

 1969 MG MGB Mark II GT 2 Door Coupe

Yea whatever. So when will Bruton Smith who owns more big tracks than anyone on the planet be inducted? Shouldnt he have gone in the 1st round before this stringbean who talks like he has a mouthful of grits? Petty is a mega millionaire and smart business guy but Smith is a NASCAR underwriter founder with tracks on the east and west coast and could buy the Hall of Fame with what he carries in his wallet.
Politics as usual.

ps When will that long ago promised Formula One Grande Prix race be held in downtown Charlottetown to get world attention on an annual basis?


Karen Iffert - I remember when Ali first strated singing with Marin could she replace the gal who left? Would she be right for the band? Not only did she prove very capable, she won everyone over and was beautiful besides. The photos are wonderful. Congrats on the CD, Ali and kudos on the photos, Michelle:o)


- Ali Gray is not only gorgeous, but uber tenletad as well! I love her voice and her songs are always so intelligent. She reminds me a lot of Bob Dylan, you really have to dig into the lyrics because there's always a story. Love her!

Sac Longchamp

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The ORNL Molten Salt Reactor Experiment was successfully coelmetpd in five years (1960-1965) and then operated for 4 years (2 of those 4 years as a Thorium Molten Salt Reactor or LFTR).That was an experiment, not a commercial product, and all of this occurred well before the regulatory changes following the TMI accident. Sorry, but 1970 was a long time ago. Those days, like 8-track tapes and $0.30 per gallon gas, are never coming back. The estimate provided of a twenty-five year development time only reflects the impacts historically low fission reactor R&D budgets Well, that's not going away anytime soon. It's a political impossibility from both ends. The Left these days don't want to fund anything practical if it is associated with the word nuclear. They only want to fund basic science, which won't get anything new built anytime soon. The Right just wants to cut budgets. and of the impacts of NRC regulatory obstruction for new commercial nuclear reactors.Well, this is a chicken and egg problem. You can't get the NRC to work on new technology unless you have a very willing, very credible customer, and you can't get a real customer unless you can assure them that you can get past the regulatory roadblock.If you want the DOE to build yet another experimental reactor, then good luck. I'm not sure that it will do much. History has shown that experimental reactors don't necessarily lead to commercial designs.The NGNP project was supposed to build a full-scale prototype of a new reactor design (very similar to a commercial version, but with extra equipment to gather valuable engineering data) in Idaho, and the ups and downs of budget decisions by Congress has run the project into the ground. You can't depend on the National Labs. Reply

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