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Kendall under rated Word to your Mother yo.

big gulps

a KY player will do more for the bobcats than all the lame unc players they have picked the last few yrs put together.

Sean May was the dumbest pick ever made.


Sean May. Big lumbering jack-ass, he never was right after he got his nose broke against UNCW in Myrtle Beach.


Sean May: NCAA tourny MVP and All-American. Darn near unstoppable in college, but saw his NBA career wrecked by injuries. He wasn't lumbering when he was killing the competition in his junior year march to the national championship. Some of you have stupidly short memories. Or maybe you're just blocking painful memories...


Kendall buttered his bread on both sides last night. Anthony Davis def look good as a bob Cat.


Ha...Sean May didn't have problems with injuries. He had problems with eating. It's not anybody's fault but his that his joints couldn't sustain his body weight.

I. Rate

An unbelievable stat I saw the other day.
in the Heel's first 10 games, Marshall recorded 15 assists three times. By comparison, UNC greats Cota, Lawson, Phil Ford, Raymond Felton and Jeff Lebo reached 15 assists three times in a combined 600 games.

That is absolutely unbelievable.

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