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big gulps

maybe you think they should take a shot at Randy Moss? what could it hurt?


"The Bobcats will get another opportunity in the 2012 draft."

And the 2013 draft. And the 2014 draft. And the 2015 draft...


I am a really big fan of this idea of antaimion / hand drawings to explain what happens at conferences. It makes a lot of sense. You are usually given a notepad at the conference, perhaps a pen, and many people are taking handwritten notes. It really helps to also provide interesting visuals and helps keep a good pace. The two camera shoot is really cool ( at least I'm assuming you used two cameras ). And I never really felt that I needed music. I think that it may have been distracting had it been put in.

MBT Sandali

Tacchi a colori nude del duca di Cambridge, sua moglie, Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) di mettere a punto il buon gusto non รจ troppo bravo a sottrazione per vestire nella selezione di abbigliamento di colore


I think this is so cool. the animation is a great way to ligehtn up the topic and keep it from getting too flat. I like the change up from the black and white to color, however, at the beginning, I thought you may have jumped a little too many times to quickly.I got a little distracted by it.


Hey, I just drafted with you on mtgo. It was my first draft ever and lo and behlod my first opponent is you. It was a good learning experience, but I kinda wish I had a chance against others at the table to see how well my deck would have done. I had unknowingly queued for the draft and then found a trade for 3 boosters thinking I could then que up and get ready. as soon as I hit confirm trade the pack was opened and I had what seemed like 45 secs to pic. Haha I was kinda freaking! I watched you plow through the field and since I had been learning to draft online watching CF and draftmagic I was wondering so I googled you and found this. I was schooled by a true teacher first time. I think it is a good story of a first time draft. Congrats on the win. I hope to learn to draft and the block and have a rematch. GL hope to see you around.

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