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Kelly Tripuka

I agree with the Hornets name. I want our team name back!!!!! Nobody supports the Bob "Johnson" Cats... just walk through a mall and see. You are bound to see more people wearing Charlotte Hornets gear than Bobcats.


Folks in New Orleans want a different name that identifies better with their city; the Hornets still belong to Charlotte in the national consciousness. It seems like a no-brainer to me. I truly believe that it would heal many wounds as far as the NBA and Charlotte are concerned and would be worth far more in goodwill and renewed excitement than it would cost the team to do. How wonderful would it be if the payoff on Jordan's rebuilding plan coincided with the return of the Hornets moniker, the "Hive", and Hugo? "Bug on a windshield" anyone?


Why have a discussion on the name change? It's apparent the NBA will be in retraction mode the next couple of yrs. Both New Orleans and Charlotte will cease to exist. The product is watered down and boring.


As far as the Hornets and Bobcats thing goes, we had our chance to have a team named the Hornets and we put a winning, exciting and playoff making team out of town. My 8yr old son only knows of the Bobcats and when I was 10 all I knew was the Hornets. I support the Cats like people in Texas support the Texans and Baltimore supports the Ravens. Only one city kept the name and that is Cleveland. Ask your self who could have been the Browns? Live in the present and learn from the past, you never miss a good thing until its gone.


To the comments above and Tom's email exchange: The NBA doesn't care about Charlotte's struggle with the name. My guess is, neither does the Bobcats' ownership. Do you think LA liked the Lakers (Minnesota), do you think Utah liked the Jazz (New Orleans), NO. But these cities now adore the names. We had our chance to keep the Hornets. The Hornets left because we wouldn't give Shin what we gave Bob Johnson, an uptown arena. Get over it, we made OUR decision. Embrace the Bobcats. We can never move forward by looking back. Here's the biggest flaw in each of these individual's arguement...Please quantify, how many more tickets will you buy if the name is changed to the Hornets'? None! Let me answer again, none! Which becomes circular to my statement, the NBA nor Bobcats' ownership care what you think or want, because you cannot or more likely will not affect $$ change. Pun intended.


I could care less about getting the Hornet's name back. I would rather have had the "Hornets" move back to Charlotte. With the name change, you don't get back the history of the Hornets. That stays with the franchise. Cleveland got to keep the Browns name, but the history of the Browns went to Baltimore, just like the history of the Colts went to Indy. Personally, I think the Bobcats should become the Cougers and put the Hornets and Bobcats to rest for good. I liked the uni's last week.

Tad Lowe

I've got a Charlotte Hornets ball cap autographed by Muggsy Bogues. What am I bid?


Because of General Cornwallis' comments, the Hornets name belongs in Charlotte. Jazz belongs in New Orleans. I only watch sports, news, and movies on tv. Because of the Charlotte connection, I watched Homeland. It's GREAT. Totally addictive.


Bring the Hornets name back to Charlotte where it belongs!


Tar Heels came from Stonewall Jackson during the Civil War.


Here's the answer...switch names to this.....Charlotte Hornets.....New Orleans moves to Seattle and becomes the Sonics again......Memphis becomes the Blues or Jazz.....Utah becomes the Grizzzlies.....Lakers become the Cougars....plenty of Cougars in LA....women and canines.....this is just fun stuff guys.

Reece Mangum

I always liked the name "Charlotte Traffic." Just think of the headline possibilities. The mascot could be barrel monster guy.


jimmy, winning teams ulslauy get more pro-bowlers than they deserve. Teams that get a lot of ink get higher numbers. Its pretty meaningless. #4 made the pro-bowl with the Jets based on early voting, how is that relevant. The Saints had a lot of holes but got by on aggressive play calling and a reliable QB, not great talent.Report this commentReplyjimmyus333333 says:July 26, 2010 at 11:55 pmMark,Im not so much interested in if they make the pro-bowl, but have players that play like they belong there.Id say that Favre, Rison, Reggie, Desi & LeRoy all played like that late in the yearwith Jackson, Hentrich, Timmerman, Levens, Eugene as the me-toos.That was quite the team Ron built. Its going to take some convincing for me with a few games past the pre-season to see if our current lot can measure up to what talent is required to make it to the SB.I cant make that kind of call with the way the roster looks today. Rocky can. Al can. A few of the press can.I think our team is way too young and inexperienced to make the leap we need.Report this commentReplyMark says:July 27, 2010 at 2:59 amWith Hentrich and Desmond Howard, point taken. We need to catch a little lightning by trade or waiver wire or were the Chargers, because of our return game.Report this commentReplyjimmyus333333 says:July 27, 2010 at 12:36 pmhumof all teams to mention, the Chargers..InterestingFrom WikiSmith was named Executive of the Year in 2004 by CBS Sportsline.com after the Chargers reversed the previous years record of 4-12 and went 12-4 on the way to an AFC West title. In 2005, the Chargers went 9-7 yet failed to make the playoffs and were criticized for their inability to win close games early in the season

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Come on, get it done!I have not watched the NBA since they left Vancouver. If they would be back, I would be back too.Miss going to the games a lot. NBA games were a lot more fan frndleiy then the Canucks games but I would support both(and the Lions in summer/fall).

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