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he's good, but this still a bit of a stretch...

James Reed

Seth knew he could drive with impunity because if anyone so much as breathed on him a foul was called.

Tim Tebow

was that his mom they kept showing??

Don Imus would probably think she played for Rutgers back in the day. Holla!


Tom sounds like you are a Puke fan. I must say Puke is probably the most overrated team in the Top 25. If it was the for the horrible calls they get they probably would have lost 5 or 6 more games. Puke won't won't even make it to the sweet 16 this year.


I have to agree, the second half foul calls were ridiculous. So much as graze a player and you get called for reaching in. When an absurd amount of "fouls" get called the team with the deeper bench will prevail.

Michael Procton

Bill: So you're saying it's better to stock your team with FEWER high-caliber players?


Nope, simply saying NCSU doesn't have a deep bench. They haven't been able to recruit nearly the caliber players as Duke has in recent years and i don't think anyone can debate that. So those questionable fouls hurt them disproportinately and favored Duke. I think that's pretty clear. Notice I'm not saying Duke got more favorable calls or anything like that that people usually bring up whenever Duke plays(esp @ home).


I was at Cameron last night. There were several calls that could have gone either way. You can't blame the officials for squandering a 20 point lead. That was beyond reproach.

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