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charles in charge

I agree, Prince was the only good one lately.

And that Welker drop was the game, I hate it for him cause he is one of the best in the NFL. He had extra work on him with Gronk out, but credit Giants with good D holding them to 17.


Word to your Mother.



Who is performing at half time next year, Cher ???

how old and lame can they get.....


I'm glad I'm not the only one who was unimpressed by Madonna. She didn't even sing, choosing instead to lipsynch and gyrate her 53-year-old bones on the stage. Yawn.

Everyone else I've talked to and listened to on the radio have said how fantastic she was. I'm typically more forgiving when I'm drunk, but even in the haze of having a few beers in that short first half, I could tell she wasn't very good.

Michael Procton

You're kidding, right Tom? Welker's drop rate of five drops against 172 targets is PHENOMENAL.

But yes, Madonna was mediocre at best. The only thing that saved the show was "Like a Prayer."

Keeping it 100

People actually watched the halftime show? I walked the dog during it. I had no interest in seeing a 50 year old woman trying to prove she could still dance and lip-sync.

Southernboy JJ

Yeah, Tom you called it like I would have too. Prince was unbelieveable in 2007 SB halftime, in the rain! The Giants wanted this game and they played the game the way you play it! Physical! I loved the post interviews when the player said he still believed in America, and hard work.

Southernboy JJ


Shouldn't we also be discussing that dirty animal, that scummy vermin, that flipped off the entire nation?


Madonna performed like she was Madonna's mom, and the steps were slow? So is dancing acceptable only when done like MC Hammer, or breakdancing perhaps? I just watched Prince's Super Bowl performance (like Madonna, he's now 53 years old). He didn't dance at all! And talk about sounding like a cover band...

In Madonna's dancing, there were a lot of aerobic moves--obviously, she has kept herself in good shape. I find that sexy in a woman. But you're not into that--gotcha.

Since you're a music critic now, I'll critique your article: "It's tough to be good at halftime. I'd watch from the press box as hundreds or thousands of the entertainers whose assignment was to be a fan ran in front of or on the side of or behind or on the stage." That passage reads like a non sequitir; I can't make sense of it or find the point no matter how many times I read it.

There were a few parts of the performance that I didn't care for. I can't stand those two afro dudes--I've seen the video for their hit song. How the heck did they get to be famous? I thought the "World Peace" line at the end was pretty cheesy. And must Cee-Lo Green be in EVERYTHING? Still, I think this was the best Super Bowl halftime performance I've ever watched.

Having said all this, I realize that no one asked me what I think. No one cares what I think. What makes you think anyone cares what you thought of the halftime show? That's not what I visited the Panhers/NFL page for.


lighten up banks.

glad you enjoyed madonna, i'm ok with it. I laughed when you said Prince didn't even dance....haha. Well Madonna didn't even sing....

Prince is one of the greatest talents out there still to this day. I doubt his guitar playing was taped like the singing was last night.

but hey, it was just fun to hang out with my pals enjoying it or having fun laughing at it....


Agree with Michael above that Welker's drop rate is riciulously low. I don't think he dropped a single one inside 10 yards all year - and many of the throws to a slot receiver like him are around that length. Truth is, the pass could have been better; it was high and slightly behind him. Welker may have great hands, but he's still pretty short for an NFL receiver.


Madonna was...okay. Not terrible, not memorable either. Really need a serious upgrade next year...tired of the "safe" artists. I thought Usher stole the show from BEP in his cameo last year. Now he would put on a show to remember - enough with the geezers already!!


I thought Paul McCartney was really good

Bull City Dog

"As talented as Welker is, he drops more passes than an elite receiver ought to."

Yes, indeed. That's a ridiculous statement. It should have read, "Welker's drops were stunning for a receiver who almost never drops passes."


Whatever else Welker has done, he dropped one pass too many on Sunday.

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Louise Locas:I absolutely loved it. It had my full atonetitn right from the beginning. I was really looking forward to the next episode and was very disappointed when I discovered there were no more episodes. Please, keep them coming! I don't know how the writers do it, but you can't help but like Jack.


I think the problem stranitg with the the pats losing the sb to the giants has been and continues to be mainly BB. He seems to have lost some type of balance (strategic, psychological, whatever) in the way he coaches. It's like he is overthinking everything and is just not making the right calls when they matter. The 4th and 1 call with Indy was just one case in point. The way he played Brady today is another. The idea that you would take him out in the high risk passing plays but then have him in on other plays is silly. If the game does not really matter, why are you playing your franchise QB with 3 broken ribs? There is injury potential on any play not too mention that musical QBs lacks continuity. I don't understand playing Brady, Moss, Welker, or any of the other key players today. Let the 2nd stringers play a real game and get them tuned up for the playoffs if they end up being needed. BB is a great believer in the "what have you done for me lately", all-business approach to the game. That's fine, but it is getting to the point where Pats' fans are going to start asking the same question of him.

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