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Welcome to Niner Nation, Matt!

Ryan Pendley

I am new to the Maiden/Newton area. I was lucky enough to be able to watch all of the Maiden varsity football games the past 2 seasons. Watching Matt play the past 2 seasons was a real treat. Matt's will to win is 2nd to none.

While most see the "On The Field" Matt, being able to see the off the field Matt is even better. The 49ers just got a great football player and a great young man.


Wow, Tom, it's amazing that within a year Matt will be at the University of North Carolina at Concord playing a home schedule that includes Chowan and Campbell! I'm sure you're going to be taking time out of your busy days covering those games. NOT!!
I give the Observer half a season to tire of covering UNCC football (not "Charlotte," for God's sakes) and assigning "special correspondents" to the games.


Wow, Dan, could you please troll more. This is a great moment for Matt and his family yet you just want to spew your hatred for Charlotte. I guess he's still a little butthurt that Jaquil Capel decided to not sign with App on signing day at sign with us. App State view their program as an SEC level program, so I can't imagine the shock. Of course, I wouldn't want to spend my college days in Boone, NC either.


Tom, Why can't everyone see things like we do. Let the naysayers stay home on Saturday afternoons while we watch football.Who cares about how many tax payer dollars are spent on a new baseball stadium. Lets get it built now!.Imagine Tom walking from your cubicle at work to the stadium on a beautiful evening. I can't wait.

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