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slim shady

he hasn't been the same since his dad killed himself.....he's a mental mess in that car.


I lost faith in you when you pleaded with Michael Jordon to not return to the NBA from Baseball.You said please let us remember you the way you were.Then when he was 60 years old you wanted him to come back and play.Next you will want the Panthers to sign Owens to go along with Moss.


Hmm... same story, different year. Wasn't it just last year that everyone said Dale Jr. had turned a corner and was going to rise to the top? He had a good season, but nothing stellar and faded down the stretch. He's good a superspeedways and that's where NASCAR starts every year. So every year, we get the same recycled story about how Dale Jr. is going to turn it around this year.

Anything for a few views, eh, Tommy?


Yeah, his 13 wins between '01 and '04 clearly prove he couldn't drive anymore after his father's death. The only problem with Jr. was the decline of DEI once Teresa had to take over.

Tim Tebow

hendricks dumped kyle busch for dale jr

he's sold a lot of t-shirts, but kyle has won way more......


Did you just say his dad "killed himself?" You sir, are a complete moron.

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Hmmm not sure what to say or even if it matters but I don't doubt that you are or were a Dale Jr fan but maybe your exitoeatpcns were a bit unrealistic? No driver can win every race. 43 drivers and 42 of them are going to be losers. The odds that one driver will dominate and win all the time regardless of how much you like them or how good they are are slim.The more I learn about NASCAR the more devoted a fan I become. The more I follow Dale Jr on the track and listen to his in race audio the more I become a fan of his driving. I do not expect super human feats from him, I do not expect perfection from him. I expect him to try, I expect him to be human and occasionally succeed and fail. I like the man as a human with talents and faults and to be disappointed in his performance because I think he should be number one is wholly unrealistic. He does something I could only dream of doing as a job. He lives with pressure that others would collapse under. I can expect no more from him then I expect from myself. I expect that I will always try my hardest to succeed. And from Dale Jr and every other driver I expect that they will try their hardest to succeed. Because I do not know what is going on in Dale Jr's mind or the sum total of all the effort he may put forth out of the cameras eye, I will as I do with everyone, give him the benefit of the doubt that he is trying his hardest to succeed not for me or any other fan but for himself. Dale Jr owes me nothing. (I don't know if that rant made any sense I'm just going on a stream of consciousness deal here.)


Thanks for the heads-up. I like the looks of the Up Close & Personal calendar. Haven't seen that one yet, but I like the sound of it, as I'm inseretted in their life away from the track, as well. And I'll have to get the Kasey Kahne one for my fiancee. She's a Kasey Kahne nut. LOL! Mike Smith

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