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Lin never would have made the final roster here. Rod Higgins had to reserve a spot for his son, we all know that.

It won't be long before Son of MJ is on the roster too. And Paul Silas' son will probably be a player-coach before season's end. Anyone that will play for MJ at league minimum is a possibility regardless of talent.

Used To Be Season Ticket Holder

Bobcats are so bad not many people would care if they and MJ left.

If MJ doesn't turn this franchise around he will go down as the worst owner in sports history.

big gulps

Did Cuban hurt our feelings? It appears so.


Insecure about what others think or say of us---that's Charlotte!!

Tim Tebow

Charlotte's Got


Michael Procton

Umm...here's the difference: even with Lin playing EXACTLY as well as he has in NY, THIS team wouldn't be winning games. Thanks, MJ!


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Ive been here in charlotte about 7 mnths. hsnlotey, i have not been impressed. its definitely not world class, heck they cant even fix lights that have been non-working for 6 years, which makes me think government or the people dont care much about this city. charlotte lacks something but i dont know what just yet. i spent 3 years in the military, have lived in 3 states and i have traveled extensively. charlotte is to conservative, it just doesnt have that city atmosphere that i was looking for. during my research on charlotte it received many accolades, but once i got here i see only some of those truths. all the people who are moving here are retirees. there are jobs ..if you like to work in finance. charlotte lacks any other industry... the colleges here do not have a strong presence..there is no military presence. its like what else do we have here other than a banking presence, nascar and health care....the innercity between uptown and suburbs is rundown and the suburbs are country, i will give uptown its due though.. Charlotte still seems very segregated which is terrible.. people want to brag about the trees in charlotte....how about some lights instead of trees so that when we drive on the interstate we can see where were going. before all you charlotteans begin, yes i will likely move within the next 2 years if it does not grow on me. i heard san diego and dallas are very nice,diverse metropolitan cities with a strong national presence where you can enjoy all city ammenities. i'm 30 years old. i would still like to live a little before i retire.


people are trapped by crime rates in their upwotn condominiums is utterly wrong and says way more about the poster than about center city Charlotte.It's a very nice town but it is built largely to raise families and maybe for singles who aspire to raise families. Those are good things that any city should want. It would be nice if singles who are likely to remain single felt more at home.I like the way you can come to Charlotte and build a career, but it's hard to do that if you're single and/or gay. Charlotte thankfully doesn't have much of that Richmond ethos of multi-generational entitlement.


Charlotte is a city of Vanity. If you dont drive a Mercedes or BMW and have GREY POUPON Mustard in your car your nothing here. Charlotte was a nice fdlenriy middle class town and then the Blizzard happened. someone started a rumor " the streets are lined with gold " and every person who bought WCOM stock arrived" Charlotte has a lot of potential but it will take big money to dress it up into a world class city. Charlotte has a "Champangne appetite and a beer pocket book"

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