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It just doesn't make sense. New York sucks.


Good points all, Tom. As a California high school basketball nut, I've been following Lin closely since his jr high days in the Bay Area (where I lived until 2009). His list of intangibles is endless. He's responsible for leading his team to arguably the biggest upset in CA high school hoops history: a victory over my alma mater (Mater Dei of Santa Ana, CA - the second-most successful high school basketball program in the nation over the past 25 yrs) in the '06 state finals.

His greatest advantage could be his heritage. I was a youth pastor at a Chinese church in the Bay Area for 13 years and the drive and discipline of those kids is unparalleled. Lin was the Bible study leader for one of the kids in my youth group when she was in high school. He's got a great heart and, again, a matchless work ethic. Teams will clearly adjust to him, but I believe his basketball IQ, hustle and drive will more than make up for it. I hope and expect to see him in the league for a while.

Zoe Zimmerman

Be scared! The Chinese are coming on all fronts!


@ZoeZimmerman: the dude isn't Chinese, he's American (Taiwanese-American, that is).

Charles Treadaway

I think he is breathing life back into the NBA.


What's great about his going to Harvard is that, if memory serves me correctly, the Ivy League schools do not give out athletic scholarships, making this "kid" a great bargain for anyone. Boy did Jeremy Lin skew the scouting & recruiting systems.


Compelling story. Let's have fun and enjoy it.


There are some many tangents to be enthralled about this story. Underdog, overlooked, ignored, Harvard education, moral, humble, considerate and no tattoos. He is what the NBA has lacked for such a long time. This is the first time I am even considering watching the NBA outside of the playoffs.


His biggest draw is he has no tie in to the horrid Bobkittens.


Jeremy Lin scores 30 against UConn.

People shouldn't have been surprised that he's played this well. Like here: he scored 30 against UConn in college against Kemba Walker and UConn.


Jeremy Lin story proves team players prevail over ball hog, me first players like Carmelo Anthony.

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