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Randy Moss should stay at NBCSports and stay retire


I think the real trick is finding the next Randy Moss, not signing his ghost.


It's an awesome idea. Make it an incentive laden contract and Moss will perform. With he and Smitty we can have the best WR duo in the league. But you know who would be happiest? Running backs and tight ends. Opposing safeties would have to stay back and protect deep. Get past the line and the middle of the field should be fairly open.

I think it's a no-brainer. He'd come here before New England, I would think.


You deserved to be ripped for suggesting Ron Mexico be signed. Some things can't be forgiven. He's not sorry he did the crime, he's sorry he got caught.


The team seems to be heading in the right direction making smart moves and now you want to veer completely off the path to sign this 35 year old ex-player. You're a strange man.


To sign an aging player like Moss with all the baggage he brings with him would set the Panthers franchise back.
They need to continue to build through the draft and develope the young receivers like Gettis and Lafell.
I am not against adding a good free agent wide receiver,just don't think it should be a potenrial problem child like Randy Moss or Terell Owens.


Yeah, I agree with archie. Moss has shown that he will do without the baggage. At this point in his career, he's desperate for a contract, or he goes into the AFL with TO (that's a scary combo). Moss is the prototype receiver. Deangelo and Stew could have great seasons if we got another stud receiver to A. keep the double coverage off of Smitty (imagine if he was in single coverage this past year...) B. open up the run lanes to let our top tier depth at RB shine and C. gives Newton a huge advantage in the pass lanes.

Furthermore, Gettis, Lafell and the promising Edwards would all benefit astronomically from a future Hall of Fame receiver. He brings so much wisdom, experience and talent with him. Sign him to a cheap, one-year contract to see what he can do. He's clearly more deserving of a roster spot than, say, Legedu.

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What if somebody wanted to put down serious money on Sunday afternoon football, and he or she knew about the bounty program New Orleans has made famous?

If Team B's offense is good was because of its quarterback, and you know that Team A is trying to take that quarterback out of the game, might you be tempted to invest a few bucks on Team A?

If you were connected, and close to the team, you might even offer to enhance the bounty yourself.

I'm not saying this happened. But it is feasible.

What's not feasible is a locker room full of players accustomed to being treated like royalty keeping the story private.

People talk. Ask the NFL.

That's why it's tough to believe that Drew Brees, a gracious man I've spent a little time around, knew nothing about the bounties. While the offense and defense often socialize with their own kind, Brees is a leader, the guy doing the pre-game dance in the middle of the circle. He's everybody's Saint.

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