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Nosebleed Fan

Charlotte still has a basketball team?


I love how all these idiotic journalists keep comparing the Bobcats to the 2010 Panthers. Uh, no. The 2010 Panthers were better than the 2012 Bobcats, even winning two games. It's not even a comparison, so stop doing it.


No they are definitely comparable. I agree with Tom


This is why I was hoping the labor dispute would last the whole season. The present-day NBA at its finest is barely watchable. This crap isn't worth reading about, much less watching.

charles in charge


I can't abandon a team I was never with.

NBA Basketball is dead.


NBA Basketball is dead? To who? You? The ratings have never been higher. If anything NBA basketball is thriving.


You know what, you're right! In many ways the 2010 Panthers were actually WORSE than the Bobcats are this year. I must've been remembering those Panthers with rose-colored glasses, geez, but the numbers tell the truth.

I felt like the 2010 Panthers were in many of the games they lost. The Bobcats? They seem to be getting DRILLED every week. Didya see that game against Portland? The Blazers aren't even that good! But the Panthers weren't any better:

2010 Panthers Results
@NYG - L - 31-18
TB - L - 21-7
CIN - L - 20-7
@NO - L - 16-14
CHI - L - 23-6
SF - W - 23-20
@StL - L - 20-10
NO - L - 34-3
@TB - L - 31-16
BAL - L - 37-13
@CLE - L - 24-23
@SEA - L - 31-14
ATL - L - 31-10
ARI - W - 19-12
@PIT - L - 27-3
@ATL - L - 31-10

Now, let's constitute when a blowout is on. I'd say more than two scores in football, so 17+ points and 20+ points in basketball.

That gives the 2010 Panthers 7 blowout losses, accounting for 44% of their games. For the season they had a winning percentage of 12.5%.

The Bobcats lost by 21 to Orlando, 39 to Miami, 22 to Indiana, 30 to Atlanta, 33 to NY, 33 to LAL, and 44 to Portland. Seven games also, accounting for 30% of their games. Thus far in the season, they have a winning percentage of 13%.

So, the Bobcats actually need to keep getting blown out to sink to 2010 Panther levels.

My bad, Tom, I takes it all back.


They had two high draft picks in 2011. Look what they drafted. Why would 2012 be any better?

Bull City Dog

It's like fans around here have never heard of the term "rebuilding year."

When you blow up the roster and start from scratch, that's what you're doing.

teddy white

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