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Downtown Sports

1. Speaking of throwbacks, remember the days when Bickerstaff had this team going in the right direction, only to get the boot..

2. Whatever, MJ had to blow-up what him, Bob Johnson, Larry Brown created- only way to go at this point..

3. I like Silas well enough; I know people are busting his chops on rotations right now, but who is he gonna play? Regardless, we had better start laying the plan for who we can get after Silas to lead this team. Unless.... the rebuilding process takes so long that we save the great coach for 3 more years out.

4. Like Biyombo a lot. Not sure about Walker. Still a fan- Go Cats, MJ, Cho, and company.

slim shady

bickerstaff had this team going in the right direction???


he had his son hired to coach and never even played ball, the players didn't respect that at all

Tru Dat

Nobody outside of Charlotte cares about the Bobcats. When the Hornets were in town, they had fans all over North Carolina.


ss, you're a joke. Bickerstaff had the team on a consistent track of improvement despite the NBA's mandated salary limits on the team, which were lower than any other team's. And that coach that players didn't respect? It's funny, but he's been coaching in the NBA each season since Bickerstaff was dumped by Jordan and his cronies, never on the same staff as his father again.

And how could you POSSIBLY complain about J.B. Bickerstaff when Cory Higgins--one of the most worthless players in Bobcat history--only has a job because his godfather owns the team.

slim shady

you must be bickerstaff's kid or god son yourself.

worst coach i've ever seen


Tru Dat
The Hornets had fans all over the COUNTRY during the Zo, Larry Johnson years.

I. Rate

Thanks, Mr Shinn. You ruined the NBA for me.


I will become a fan again when the Hornets return, or even just the name/colors. Now that Chris Paul has left that team, they've got nothing in particular to care about either - just another bad team. But, dangit, they're OUR team! You'd be amazed, Tom, at how many people still feel that way.

David Stern never should have allowed them to leave in the first place; I've always blamed him for that debacle. Shinn would have been forced to sell the team, maybe Jordan could have bought in then, and pro basketball in Charlotte would be a much different scene right about now. I know I'd still be buying tickets.


Bickerstaff isn't even the worst coach the Bobcats have had. How quickly we forget the Sam Vincent era (rightfully so.)


Spoken as someone who was in 7th grade when the Hornets started, it's 2012. You need to get over it. It's already consumed a decade of your life, either move on to something else or embrace what we have now. Either way talking about stuff that went down in 1999 isn't going to make you feel any better.

We need the name back!



Joe, Just a few thoughts. We need a Facebook Share bttoun on the main article so people can share the link on their Facebook. That way, it brings people back to this site. Another thought, is there anyone who can quickly design some web banners for download that local businesses like myself could put on our websites and link them to here? Anything we can do to promote it, we need to start now. I was thinking about buying a ticket to one of the weekday games. I know they can be as low as $12 or so. But with the cost of parking, concessions, etc, its easy to spend $75-$100. Given that the MOST URGENT thing is ticket sales, not actual attendance, a casual attendee like myself is better off spending the same $100 on eight tickets and giving them away. That way, the sales count goes up 8 instead of 1. Also, buying from the ticket office or Ticketmaster is the only way to go. DON'T USE the exchange sites (StubHub, etc.) In most cases those tickets have already been counted. Just a couple of thoughts. Hope they help. I've already donated to the site. And I'll be buying tickets next week.


Blazers vs Lakers, it's gonna be a ridiculous game! Your games with playfof implications list seriously, is that every single game tonight? I don't think I've ever seen a playfof race so tight. It's even closer than last year, at least in the West. Heck, even the East is pretty close (well if you put a huge gap between the top 3 and the bottom six).


Arenas or Crittenton -I guess now that would be Wall and Nick Young running in your house. Hey at least then the Wizards would flailny be able to get a shot off on the road. *sits back and folds arms w/ witty arrogance*


Come on, get it done!I have not watched the NBA since they left Vancouver. If they would be back, I would be back too.Miss going to the games a lot. NBA games were a lot more fan freindly then the Canucks games but I would support both(and the Lions in summer/fall).


WELCOME to bubbly's sercet sunday morning area! My cup of tea is steeping and I have enough weed for the day-hope you are happy if not mellow. I dont play fantasy football but I play survivor (also called knockout). In four years I never saw as much agreement as this week. If green bay does not beat buffalo there will be mass cryin. Jeff's preview made me even more covetous of paul millsap. Heard Steph Curry on the radio this week. Damn! What a deep voice! He may look 15 but he sounds like vader. I was going to write my in defense of nelly' tract here, but I would get banned. I had Curry and maggette last year and nelly played no games with them. Jonas jerebko may break my top 80. He is a nine category threat. The qster and tirano were worse than nelly last year. Who hopes the punk who defaced the Casspi mural gets cancer? bubbly! Thats who! Actually it would be better if a bus hits him. Saves us all on medical costs. Could Abraham Lincoln make the NBA if he was born 150 years later? Yes but not a starter


What a lonely night to open the secert area! Not a line to be had. It is a glum preview of the coming fall. I kept my word about not returning til my team was above .450 FG. Barely over and fighting not to be last. Melo, Salmons, Arenas, Miles, Holiday all kicked in. I mean bricked out! *wards off blows The race in my league is down to two. Both of whom are close friends so that is good. The place for me to answer certain tyrannous editors as to why my Love led team will do no better than fourth is not here. I will do that in July, but you only need to view the late round draft disaster above. Congratulations to ABA legend Artis Gilmore on his (long overdue) selection to the basketball HOF! Miscalculated and now I have to play to two centers every day til the end or leave games on the table. Welcome back Jermaine O'neal and Deandre Jordan! I am about to drop Kevin Love for Chris Johnson too. True blasphemy! I will return with a season ending hurah while drinking purple drank with 5 hr energy. CU THEN!

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thnx for keeping post. hoslntey, though the griz played terribly when they were around, i still loved them. with a stellar management team we can be as successful as the current memphis grizzlies team or even oklahoma. grab the hornets! we need an all star!

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