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sugar smacks

no matter the conferences.....SEC will own football and the non football school in the SEC(KY) will own basketball.

suck it ACC fans!!!!


sugar smacks- The ACC has won 5 NCAA Basketball championships since UK last won theirs. Not real sure what they own but, it's not the NCAA basketball championship in recent history.

Rick F

I'm thinking the best idea is revoking the ACC's BCS status.

Sad thing is Syracuse and Pitt will make the ACC better in football. Other than Chapel Hill and Duke, basketball has sucked too. Here's some conference RPIs:

1 Big Ten 0.5896
2 Big East 0.5768
3 Big 12 0.5762
4 Southeastern 0.5737
5 Mountain West 0.5677
6 Atlantic Coast 0.5641
7 Atlantic 10 0.5468
8 Missouri Valley 0.5393
9 Conference USA 0.5309
10 Pacific-12 0.5270

James Reed

No one would expect a Minnesota grad to understand so don't even try.
TractorTech, nice grammar and sentence structure there. Did you learn that in Swahili 401 or did you just "arrove" at that on your own? Nevermind, it is likely you have never stepped foot on a college campus, much less Cheater Hill.


That is without a doubt the most gay looking thing I have ever seen a grown man do.


i guess thats because youre always facing the other way, haha!

big gulps

Enjoy the great rivalry game tomorrow night...the two great ACC schools that lost to Florida State this year.....hahaha.

James Reed

Tractor, you need some new material, your stuff is decades old. Anyway, the LGBT population in CHeater Hill is 17 times that at State so your gay bashing is rather hollow. You must have come up with that one while watching one of the football whippings we gave you the last 5 years.

Dook Sucks

Pretty sure more NC State fans would be upset if they actually had beaten UNC in the last 6 years. Now instead of two guaranteed conference losses each year, you'll only have to deal with one. Consider this a gift from UNC to your Cow College.

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Only Puppy fans are crying about this. Us Heels fans are happy. We get to play a team that has a shot, not another easy win. NCSU is no competition, and have not been in over 25 years.


State and UNC should play a non-conference game in December every year.
For those quoting stats, check out the records in the NCAA tournament.

Truth N. More

Too bad it's all about the money. China is down with basketball, right?

Nike Australia

When you open any one of the shoes history, every one of the senior players will be on the inside wrote

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