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and if you watch some of his highlights on youtube im sure you'll get some idea


Tolbert has 21 TD's over the past 2 years. Yeah we can use him...


Assuming the Panthers/Hurney is able to trade Williams or Stewart for a draft pick,I think the Panthers would LOSE out BIG TIME given Hurney's track record of making draft picks outside the 1st round. So Panther Fans better hope they can get a 1st round pick in return, otherwise, Panther might as well let Stewart walk.


When he does walk, if he does; we will get like a 3rd in compensation for him leaving.


he's is under contract until the end the season


we had one on the roster last year and he played a decent amount of snaps. so to answer your question, yes.


Looks like Goodson's days are numbered. If Tolbert works out on special teams, it would fill a big need.


You need as many good football players and depth as possible, things are going in the right direction..


San Diego running game was at its best with a good fullback, either Tolbert or Lorenzo Neal. Both William and Stewart did well behind Brad Hoover, its a good move, and he can lead the special teams, especially as the middle blocker on punt teams, no more blocked punts up the middle.

Gene Hemrick

I like this move, check this out

Bobby Sharpe

Me likey. Low center of gravity. Very good body awareness (needed as a pass-catcher). Likes to initiate the contact at the point of attack.

But dude has GOT to get a better TD dance.


@abc it's not irony, ur name and where u come to read articles makes u a hypocrite. I'm not a cowboys fan, guess whose articles I never even thought about reading (hint: the damn cowboys).

As for the Panther fans that actually make, and are here for, the relevant comments. I'm excited about this pick up and according to hurney, stewart will not be traded and they will attempt to re-sign him. I feel like dropping Goodson and any third TE who plays mostly FB will account for why Tolbert was brought in so ur getting 1 for 2 in this case. Make sense?


Cam isn't a QB? The ignorance on display in the comments section day in and day out is simply staggering.


You need three decent running backs in this league. This doesn't edge out Double Trouble, it kicks Goodson to the curb. That's good, son.

In other news, el gringo has four of the dumbest ideas I've ever heard in football.


Need help in the secondary and maybe a wr


I think tolbert is signed to run more sets out of I formation. Prolly due to not re signing shockey when they ran two tight end sets


ABC, Gringo and WSBChip are all the same person. I know this because you say the same exact thing on EVERY single article. "protected by Union thugs", "payoffs", "rogue loser", "scammer", "broken necks". It's the same ol' Mouth Diarrhea every time you speak/type.
Why dont you just create an account/username and post what you have to say once instead of filling up the comments with all your tongue funk. The day will come when you'll have to eat your regurgitation and I will love every bit of it. Go Catz

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What if somebody wanted to put down serious money on Sunday afternoon football, and he or she knew about the bounty program New Orleans has made famous?

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If you were connected, and close to the team, you might even offer to enhance the bounty yourself.

I'm not saying this happened. But it is feasible.

What's not feasible is a locker room full of players accustomed to being treated like royalty keeping the story private.

People talk. Ask the NFL.

That's why it's tough to believe that Drew Brees, a gracious man I've spent a little time around, knew nothing about the bounties. While the offense and defense often socialize with their own kind, Brees is a leader, the guy doing the pre-game dance in the middle of the circle. He's everybody's Saint.

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