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Who cares, look at the Eagles last year or the Redskins every year. Build through the draft and fill gaps where needed.


Patriots, Steelers, Packers, and Giants don't sign many big name free agents, and they seem to do alright


Smart teams wait until the dust has settled from overspending on big name free agents.


Nicely put Tom. Precise and to the point. Like a surgeon cutting away all the excess blubber (or in this case, is it blabber?).

I totally agree. Overspending is a sin that always ends up costing you more, and more, and more until you lance the puss out.


Let's go panther's !!!!!!!!


Free agents have gotten paid by thetime they play for you - draft picks have to work to get paid in free agency. I want 'em hungry...not full!


It WOULD help IF Hurney didn't handicap the organization by mismanaging the salary cap in the past (i.e. surprise overspending last summer). It's clear GM Hurney has NO foresight to see the consequences of his actions. I hope he doesn't continue to make unreasonable moves, selections or signing...but I'm not going to hold my breath on that. That said, it's not a big deal that we haven't sign BIG NAME free agents, as long as we CAN DRAFT well in ALL rounds of the draft, which Hurney has yet to do.


with MHurney's track record, no movement is good movement


The problem with the draft logic is Hurney CAN'T DRAFT! Was last year not a testament to how little talent he has discovered over the years? It's not so hard to whiff on 1st rounders (which he still does), but the Pats, Steelers and Ravens find starters in the later rounds, and via free agency. Why have we not had another #1 caliber WR in over a DECADE to work alongside smitty? I'll say it now like I did before, we will NEVER will anything until Hurney leaves. He is so willing to trade future #1s, why not do it this year, when a few slots up will definitely suit a desperate need, Blackmon, Kalil, Claiborne, instead of "best available" on a roster that does not have a lot of high-end talent? How this dude still has his job after how blantaly his lack of development and talent in the ranks was exposed is way beyond me. Guess everyone was looking solely at Cam. What about the rest of that draft? And the years before? Guess ya'll like 8-8 much more than I do.


If you, like I, agree wholeheartedly with "garsonthegreat" then maybe you'll like what you'll read if you google up "carolina panthers must ring the bell in 2012 draft". Just saying.


We still need a quality wide receiver as Smitty is getting old. Many good ones available this year via free agency, but because of the mismanagement of the salary cap by Hurney and overpaying our own guys last year, we are doomed to be average at best for the foreseeable future. Tampa Bay has done a great job so far this year and will be back again in 2012 when Josh Freeman plays better. Again, we are now in the toughest division in football.


This shows the players that did get paid last year know now it is on them. Hurney spent and everyone came to camp cheezzzing...Now make it work and earn it. They know Hurney hooked them up and now they have to return the favor because of it and not being able to sign anyone now. We will be just fine. New Orleans 2013!


CharlotteFan... We may be strapped for salary cap, but we still have our best players under contract. And then you have the salary cap issue with the Cowboys and Redskins. Cutting a few scrubs, signing some role players, and adding a few draft picks will make us competitive next year.

I think Hurney gets a bad rap. I agree that many of the free agents haven't worked out like they should, but I think we have had pretty good drafts during his term.

Bill Polian

Hey Panthers, the free agency period began yesterday, 3/13.


Who is Bill Polian ..?? Oh wait he is the guy that got fired. 9+ years in the playoff's and they miss their first one in 10 years..and they clean house...

Colts will be rebuilding for years. Panthers and Hurney have done a good job of setting us up for a bright future..

I think Greg Olsen was the best FA move of 2011 for the Panthers, and probably in the league last year. And picking up Hangartner a starter for (1) million was also a steal..


I'd like to see them pick up Shockey again. His leadership and skill added much to the offense.

Bill Polian

Quote from Catsnmbr1Fan: "Panthers and Hurney have done a good job of setting us up for a bright future."

What? The Panthers won 4 more games than the previous year, and Hurney is a Genius? What are you, his Mommy? This team has major holes on the Offensive Line, still an unproven 3rd WR and dominant SE, a swiss cheese Defensive Line, and a terrible Defensive Backfield, with NO number 1 CB. Chris Gamble is a number 2 CB, getting overpaid. He doesn't make but 2 tackles per game, and he has intercepted only 7 passes in 3 years...ALL for $8 MILLION Per Season? Phunk NO! Chris Gamble is a chump!

Catsnmbr1Fan, or should I say Marty Hurney's mommy, you're a complete moron if you think this team is a .500 ball club. If this Panthers team is 8-8 in 2012, it will be with smoke and mirrors. Get your head out of your azz and learn the game. This Panthers team isn't shoring up any holes, nor is it upgrading any positions in 2012.


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