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Robert Gardner

I agree it is not the BEST rivalry in sports but it is interesting that the state legislature got involved to pressure them to schedule one another. There are still those that think there was something fishy going on with some politicians, back in the early 80's, because of the money to be made from a regular season matchup. UK "lost" in the NCAA to Middle Tennessee State when Louisville was waiting in the next round.


Leave it to Sorensen to stir the pot. Kentucky-Louisville is better because they are not in the same conference, meaning this game is usually played only once a year; while UNC-Duke is played at least two, sometimes three times a year. UNC-Duke usually features a pair of great teams, but not always; Kentucky-Louisville have both fallen off lately, but their rivaly is always more intense that UNC-Duke.

Todd Adams

I grew up in Lexington and went to UNC. My dad is from LA (lower Alabama) and went to Auburn. Spent my childhood fall Saturdays screaming "War Eagle" from the sidelines. Even lived in Oklahoma for 4 years. Sorenson is absolutely correct. Surveys of Alabamians have shown there are more who will profess to being atheists than deny being college football fans. By college football, I/they mean Auburn/Alabama. Doesn't mean I don't hate Dook. I just wouldn't poison their 300 year old trees.

Johnny AUsome

Amen & Warrrrr Eagle!!!


- Butch and kelsy,I just wanted to thank you both for your time! I have riveeced the three sets of photos we did at louisville. It was buddy and kaos (2 pics above) singer the 10 week old ohound pup and the 3 generations w otterhounds! The pictures are even better then I could remember. And the funny thing is my favorite one is one you picked out as my 4X7 with buddy yawning! So it was a wonderful surprise! You are so talented I can't wait for next year we have already been brainstorming! See you soon and I hope your move is going well


Holly - I brought my 4th dragers to the museum today and they loved it. So did I! It was great to meet the photographer that took the pics of the dogs. We really appreciated you taking time to answer our questions and show us how to take dog pictures.Thanks for sharing your talent!


I would get a copy of this book for all of my friends who have moved away from the South and for the ones who live here too! The ones who have moved away: they get it, they utsardnend why football is so huge in the South. They know why tailgating is important, why you should put makeup on, and how men are impressed by a gal who knows what all the fouls are. Also, a lot of my friends in the South get it, but a lot of them don't. This book would help them be more in the know about why all of us don our favorite shirts and sit around cheering every Saturday in the fall. The book may also explain why Saints fans wear their Who Dat gear in June.Lastly, I would get one for myself and read it aloud to my dog. She hates football; as in sits under furniture and shivers while it's on. Maybe reading her the book would help ease her fears of football.


I'll admit it! I'm a damn Yankee! However, after my undergraduate edioatucn I am staying down South and never looking back. I honestly thought that coming to this unnamed university in Durham, NC would expose me to the real South' but boy was I wrong! With a lack of great football and an international campus (by no means a detriment my college experience) I lacked that Old South feel I came searching for and have instead learned about the enriching Southern culture through my wonderful friends hailing from Raleigh, to Charleston, to Hilton Head, to Augusta, to Tuscaloosa. I need all the help I can get to fully immerse myself in the culture to be fully accepted into this awesome world below the Mason-Dixon.

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