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"Sources say, however, that the Panthers do not plan to shop either player."

Now i'm officially baffled. We signed at a position we need the least?? Hopefully that's a smoke-screen.


I dont care what Toms "sources" say, if the Bengals or Browns (both whom need a RB) came and offered one of their extra first round draft picks, the Panthers would be stupid not to accept it. Then they could draft a DT at 9 and either a CB or WR at the other pick depending on who is still available.

Clay Aiken

I would rather have a surprise, involuntary, dry rectal exam then sign another running back.

Monster Beats By dr. dre

What if somebody wanted to put down serious money on Sunday afternoon football, and he or she knew about the bounty program New Orleans has made famous?

If Team B's offense is good was because of its quarterback, and you know that Team A is trying to take that quarterback out of the game, might you be tempted to invest a few bucks on Team A?

If you were connected, and close to the team, you might even offer to enhance the bounty yourself.

I'm not saying this happened. But it is feasible.

What's not feasible is a locker room full of players accustomed to being treated like royalty keeping the story private.

People talk. Ask the NFL.

That's why it's tough to believe that Drew Brees, a gracious man I've spent a little time around, knew nothing about the bounties. While the offense and defense often socialize with their own kind, Brees is a leader, the guy doing the pre-game dance in the middle of the circle. He's everybody's Saint.

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