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One of the dumbest articles I have ever read


I don't know that I'd say EVERY call went against the Heels...but the officiating all weekend was horrible. Interesting to know how those in sports reacted! Thx!


Haha this is funny


You sound like a state guy...quit your whining and play harder

Ricky Baddour

Years and years of Tar Heel teams having to overcoming the bias against the light blue has to stop. ABC'rs are ruining the conference.


Rosinski is a fat crybaby that needs to vanish, much like Steve Martin.


A statistical analysis of foul differentials the past 5 years in the ACC, i.e. which teams have less fouls per game, and the winner is Carolina and Duke. Stats don't lie. I'm in agreement though about excuses and bi%^in. Refs don't wins games but it sure doesn't hurt to have them on your side. http://www.statefansnation.com/index.php/archives/2012/02/17/just-incase-you-missed-it-officiating/


Anytime the TarHoles LOSE it is good stuff. Much more interesting would be to view East Carolina College Baseball. One of the best teams in the country. Go Piratea!


Aaaaaah whining about the officials, the traditional mating call of the LOSER...the species can typically be seen clad in Carolina Blue or Maryland Red.


there were a lot of shotty calls yesterday. I didn't see the state/unc game so i missed all of that hoopla, but yesterday they lost the game because marshall turned the ball over in critical moments on stupid passes. they have him credited for 2 on the stat sheet but that dude had 3 in a row at one point that completely cost UNC the game. I don't know how they only have him down for 2 unless they credited that idiotic full court pass as a shot and gave somebody else one of the other turns.

ACC officials are still WAYYYYYYYYYYY better than NBA officials. Not even close.

Brian Adams

Lol...Please call John Swafford and cry to him..He has Karl Hess in his back pocket..My god UNCheat gets all the calls consitantly..Always have..It was so blatant again againest State that they had to make sure to backdoor the Heels on Sunday to save face..Bluebelly cry babies


Tom, if you are going to cry "foul" over officiating...a serious charge for a newspaper..then you should at least have watched some tape before writng this article.


Tom I can only figure at this point that you are no longer interested in working for a living. Good luck with what ever you should decide to do but please try something besides sitting on your behind and being a smartass.


I try not to blame the refs but god know Fla St. got away with some really bad calls. One in particular down the stretch was, one of the Florida State Players Went across The Head body and arm of Zeller to block his shot. Zellars head got wacked in the process. There used to be a time when if a defensive player swung in a downward motion it was foul almost 99% of the time. Worst part was they ran it in slow motion as part of a time out. It was amazing how NO ONE saw it. Water under the bridge.


nothing but bs officials, and memo nobody in charlotte gives a care about ecu pirates..lol


Horrible article! Everyone complains but lets look at NCSU vs. UNC game and all missed calls. State complaining about no call at the end but how times does Leslie get to take 4 steps without call? Yes, I love Carolina but calls were horrible in the FSU game. The Carolina players were mugged several times down low.

Tony Austin

He didnt watch the game but wrote the article. End of story, no pun intended.

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