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You tellem Tom. Screw the Aints!!!!


Couldn't agree more, Tom. And I would even if the Panthers were the violators and not the Saints.

Real Panther

@Tvan, they were all investigated.


I agree the punishment was fair. This is football not UFC. I don't think it is a pansy move to punish them for the bounty program. Just for your entertainment, players should deliberately hurt other players. No, these are people with lives and families outside football. This ain't ancient Rome and the time of gladiators in the Coliseum. Oh yeah, I'll tell you like a cop told me once when I was pulled over for speeding. What about the other guy, he said you can't every fish in the sea.


@ Real Panther...

If they were all investigated, then where are the punishments for the Bills, Redskins and Titans? Unless you have forgotten, Williams coached there and his players admitted that they ran something similar.


Payton should be banned for life from NFL along with anyone identified who went along with this. Brutal, bad, unnecessary, evil, all come to mind. Fine is too small. The rest of the teams that Payton was involved in should be double checked. I cannot believe that anyone would put bounties on human beings to intentionally injure them. Shocked at the whole thing.


Why doesn't anyone mention the cheap shot taken on Steve Smith after he scored that touchdown against them last season when he was standing in the end zone AFTER the play?


MarkP - I bet they had a bounty on Smith. That was a deliberate cheap shot.

This is a rough game. Putting out bounty's on players to end their game, season, career or possibly life is NOT sportmanship. These coaches should never work in the league again. The players need to be fined and fired as well.


My sentiments exactly Lee.

Here is the classic difference between cheap shots and hard hitting football. Roman Harper hits Steve Smith after the play is over on a touchdown; cheap shot. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lLNBkRJyDYM

Vernon Davis knocks the crap out of Roman Harper on a game winning touchdown play by running him over; karma. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lEv94hdRySE


I agree and its about time Goodell did something besides hand out fines. You can always tell the cheaters cause they teams end up fighting.


I am just happy our TE busted that shaddy organization!!! We love you Shockley....dont mess with the hurricanes


I wonder what would happen if, all of a sudden, all of the law abiding citizens and players decided that we would play dirty in everything we did.
I bet I know who would be crying the loudest. If the NFL would see which teams were hurt the most by the injuries sustained against New Orleans and took away NO's draft picks and gave them to those teams, if the NFL said to the 25+ participating players that they would only get HALF of their BROTHERHOOD pensions since they were trying to hurt their brothers, and suspend all of the coaches who knowingly took part in this fiasco for life, some of those lplayers who took part might think twice before doing it again. it is not like they do not make enough money after all.


How could Payton want to intentionally hurt someone that bad... that's now how you play the game. Happy he got caught.

Check out Kurt's interview



Wall Street Ace ~ he retired in 2010 but check out his interview... super funny!



It doesn't seem to have occurred to anyone that if the Saints had intended to hurt people, there would be hurt people all over the place. I haven't noticed any 'victims' lying around. The Saints play rough...and admit it...but they also play within the rules. Maybe the rules are what needs changing.

As for bounties, what a ridiculous idea! Why would guys who make millions work even harder just to make a mere $1000 to $1500 extra. They're just doing what they are paid to do, and, for the Saints, that's sack the QB. Football's a rough game, remember?

tony p

ban Payton for life, and start suspending players for multiple games


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I hope Parcells does coach, it would keep our division interesting and give Aints fans less of an excuse to keep whining about their well-deserved punishment when they start losing games.

I'd also like to see the Panthers have two more shots at Parcells, and avenge that 35-14 loss in 2006 on Sunday Night Football at BofA, in Parcells' last coaching season (and Tony Romo's first-ever start). Easily one of the more humiliating defeats we've ever had; we led 14-10 early in the 4th quarter before they dropped 25 unanswered on us. Can't believe that was over 5 years ago, man I'm getting old.
If the marriage of Parcells and the Saints becomes official, no Panther fan should object.

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