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It was very weird for me when Jake Delhomme went to the Browns. I know he wasn't drafted by Carolina, but he changed the way people looked at the Panthers for many years. In his first year here, he took us to the Superbowl. Throughout his time here he also brought us to the Playoffs mutiple times. I know he was basically run out of town, but I know for me, he is missed.


Who do you not see playing for us next season? Davis will be cut and re-signed. The only person I can imagine you would be talking about is Wharton because he has a large contract that would relieve a lot of salary cap. Unless you know something I dont...


It was actually refreshing to see Jake Delhomme in a Browns uniform. In fact, it could have been any uniform, as long as it wasn't a Panthers uniform.

The Panthers have done very well with thier top draft picks through the years. I'd actually hate to see any of the guys listed leave the team.


it wouldn't be THAT bizarre considering how many of them are completely irreplaceable (smith, gross, khalil, williams, beason, johnson come to mind).

the only guy with a real chance of being on another roster would be thomas davis and those chances are SLIM. the guy is either going to be playing here for cheap or not playing at all. there's like a 5% chance that he plays and doesn't play here.

besides him, gamble or wharton would be the only feasible salary victims but considering how well gamble played this past year, he's VERY unlikely to be gone. restructuring far more likely. wharton too could probably be restructured but released outright? hard to conceive that.

far more bizarre would be any of those guys playing elsewhere.


Donna, Jake wasn't run out of here. He was done. He wasn't the same after the elbow injury as he was before. His accuracy wasn't there(not that it was great before),velocity wasn't the same. What he could get away with before the injury became picks. He was a great addition to the franchise, but you can't keep someone around just because most people loved him. It's business, and in the NFL, if you don't win, you find someone who can.


you know who was a Panther for life? Rae Carruth. NUFF SAID.


good point..but actually, he's just the only panther DOING life.


Tom, you're a betting man. What are the odds for each team to sign Manning?


Manning is dammage goods ! has not played in a year in a half. to keep him would have cost them 28 million. he should just retire !


It is amazing the intelligence level on this sports page. 9 comments left on 2 remotely related to the topic at hand. If you are gonna leave a comment how about leaving it on the topic at hand instead of ignorant stupid comments. Now onto the topic at hand. Davis might providing he restuctures and remains loyal. I could see a team jumping on him to take a chance and steal him from us once we waive him. Wharton as much as I like him, might be a cap casualty.


Well, dave, maybe the topic at hand was just too mundane.

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the topic can't be anymore mundane than Jake del homme... LET IT GO PEOPLE


any casualties yet? nope? keep updating us on this theory tom.


so........wharton. ok.


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