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Double NO!


Haha! I needed a good laugh today!


the truth is, he wouldn't be a horrible backup to Cam, but would only be worth it if he was playing H back and special teams as well. but is he worth all the hoopla? no.

the jets grabbed him and they just ruined sanchez' career. he's over. and they just gave him and extension too. i don't know what they are thinking. every interception he throws, every 4th quarter, tebow chants are going to start. it's effing new york. they chant we want shumpert 1 week into his career.

green back or new england would have been the perfect fits as backup/Hback but
jacksonville was the only team that was even considering buying all the way in and going for broke.

and they decided not to.


well look who will be riding pine now. I would not have mind Tebow here if we could have afforded him, and had a perfect situation set up for him on offense and special teams. But the big loser here is Sanchez.


Very tough call. AJ is a menace to deefecns, but Dalton makes it all work. I guess to me at the end of the year you have to look at production in comparison to what others have done at the same position. Where will AJ wind up versus everyone else at his position and where will Dalton wind up. To me, AJ will win that one. Dalton for MVP in a few years? Yes!

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