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You heard it hear first, john stewert to denver for tebow and a draft pick!!


stewart sorry

District Six

Can we trade Obama?


@Jamerson, not happening..

Eat me

Who cares?

Fox will be gone before the season ends. BOOK THAT


@District Six...don't you have a bridge to go troll under?


You heard it here first: Jonathan Stewart to NE for Brady; Brady to Denver for Manning, Manning to SF for Vernon Davis, Davis to CBS for Bill Cowher, Bill Cowher to ESPN for Erin Andrews.


Stewart or Williams would be worth a trade for a 1st round in 2013.


Tom - WTF??? You know as well as anyone that Fox is Elway's sideline puppet - he has NO say and probably has no clue what plays are being called on offense.

But, because of this move by Elway - Fox will look like the greatest coach of all time or the biggest slug if Manning's neck doesn't fully recover (which is my bet) -

Needless to say - Fox is what he is and will never, ever be any better than a mediocre, 8 and 8 coach...

Elway on the other hand - knows what it takes to win and that is NOT a freakin handoff on 3rd and long.

Nosebleed fan

Tolbert gives depth and flexibility. I don't think Manning will be healthy enough to finish the season. Tebow finishes the season in Denver. D-Will renegotiates his front loaded contract to give Panthers room to resign Stewart.

End of stories.


Agree with "Nosebleed fan". Tolbert doesn't just add depth at backfield, he vastly improves special teams! All three will be Panthers in 2013.

Bill C.


Trash Fox all you want, but he's still the best coach this team has ever had. He never did worse than 7-9 until the 2010 disaster. The guy rode a running back playing QB all the way to a playoff victory last year, that alone deserved coach of the year consideration.


@Bill C.

Yes - Fox rode a running back all the way to an 8-8 season and a weak playoff victory - but let me ask you this...

Do you really think that was a Fox offense you saw? Do you honestly believe that a guy that flat out REFUSED to make season adjustments, let alone halftime adjustments all of a sudden changed everything he believes in to "open up" his offense??

Come on - we all know Elway is the one running that show and Fox is a mere puppet that shows up and gets a check...

and for the record - 7-9 is not something to be proud of - it is what it is - mediocre at best!


I don't get this -- having Goodson didn't mean Stewart and Williams were redundant, and having Tolbert doesn't mean that either. It means Goodson is gone at least by first cuts in camp, if not before.

Everyone wave goodbye to the fumbler.

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