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best starting 8 in the nation resides right here in NC

slim shady

Hansbrough earned his living at the free throw line....it was a bit of a joke.


But..but..but... I thought DUKE got all the calls?


This is the kind of analysis I expect from someone who doesn't watch the game and just looks at the box score from bed the next morning.

Hansbrough Indoor Stadium

Zeller plays in the paint, where fouls are more likely to occur. Most of the Dook team shoots from outside, where the likelihood of a foul (and the occurrence of called fouls) decreases dramatically. Good try, though.


hansbrough still gets calls in the nba too.....look at the amount of free throws his still shoots. its his game. he forces refs to blow the whistle. sometimes its offensive fouls. mostly its not. the guy plays physical. but he makes open shots too.

anybody that thought he was just a college player clearly hasn't watched him since.

Bill Fiday

UNC-CHeats will go down (again) on Saturday. CHEATERS NEVER WIN! LOL!

John W.

I'll ask this again: If "cheaters never win," how do you explain the many and varied championships belonging to UNC?


UNC fans sure flap a lot of yap considering the Austin Rivers sign, sealed, delivered DAGGER shot heard round the Smurf Hut only a few short weeks ago. And seriously, more FTs than the other team? Please, the next whine and cheeser than whines to me about referee favoritism towards ANY other team, take both hands, place around chicken neck, and choke yourself on your own lies. WAAAAAH

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