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Nope - just two of the three. I'd put my money on Henson and Marshall. Had Barnes left last year, he'd have been a lottery selection with his strong finish. However, with the way he played at the end of the season, I can see him sliding. Still first round, just no lotto.


How did UNC ever lose a game?


Marshall will have difficulty getting that slow-release set shot off his chest against quicker defenders who can match his 6'4" height. He did improve on dribble penetration and finishing with contact.

Henson vastly improved his offensive game with the mid-range J (thank you Rasheed Wallace!) and the duck-under move. Critics fear he'll be Brad Sellers; I think he's at least John Salley.

Barnes better hope the ankle he tweaked against Wake Forest heals fully so he regains the elevation on his jumper - his misses late in the year especially in St. Louis were short as opposed to him mostly missing long the first 1.5 years of his Tar Heel career. He could flourish in the "roll the ball out there and play" NBA if he can stop over-thinking everything like he did at UNC.


It's good to know what you think Tom. Now where can I place a bet on you being wrong. again...


Oh wait last year you wrote a column about all the right things you picked but vanity being the stepchild of your imagination you failed to list all the things through the years you were wrong about. I betcha you don't have the Richardson pipeline to help you re: these UNC guys. You never understood them because you will never be one of them. you're a hack. on some days you get it right.


barnes didn't have a bad year. he had a bad stretch of games in the tourney. he had some great games this year. he also had a ton of great games last year. i know most people get caught up in the moment and fall in love with jeremy lin when he's on a hot streak and move on when they get bored, but barnes is a player in the nba.

it killed me to see him and sullinger both let big moments pass them by in this year's tournament. they were supposed to be the front runners in this years supposedly stacked draft class. they're still better than the other guys in terms of nba prospects, but the other guys have risen above them because of the grass is greener mentality. new car smell and what not.

barnes and sullinger will slip a bit and the teams that draft them will be thankful they had weak tournaments. only other guys in the draft that look like surefire nba starters no questions asked are robinson and davis. the other guys are far more questionable than barnes or sullinger are.


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