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slim shady

good article.

he is a better coach than Roy W and he isn't that good at X's and O's. Calipari wins with talented players....Roy wins when he has twice the talent of the other guys.


wonder if any memphis fans would agree with this article

Tom Jones

Within 2 years the NCAA will take the title back...Cal is sleezy...just ask Umass and Memphis, UK will have that title vacated...just wait and see.

Bill Self

And I bet most of the UK fans would be saying the same thing as everyone else if he didn't coach their team. It goes both ways...


You're right that he didn't create this system, but you can't deny having 2 final fours repealed and leaving town just before the NCAA arrives. So what happened was Kentucky hadn't won a title since 1998 and was losing relevancy quickly. They paniced and sold their soul to Calapari... lets see if it pays off in the long run.

Dave Pollack

I wouldn't necessarily love Calipari. I was a grad student at Georgia when Jim Harrick was coach. President Michael Adams hired him over the objections of then-AD Vince Dooley, who was suspicious of his checkered past at URI more than he was enamored of the championship at UCLA. Calipari is a dyed-in-the-wool cheater just like Harvick. What's the good of winning a national championship if you have to vacate it two years later?


I told some Kentucky fans that I thought Cal would eventually put them on probation before he left and all they cared about was if he got them a championship first. I'd bet that State fans would also take that deal.


I wouldnt kick him outta bed for eatin crackers.


I would'nt mind having Calipari here in Charlotte next year coaching Anthony Davis.
Nothing wrong with that Michael.


When you sell your soul to the devil you eventually end up in ...., how did work out for UMASS and Memphis?

YES he can recruit. Coach??? With that talent I expect an average x and o guy could win


my thing with him is not his coaching, recruiting, or even his integrity as a "college coach". he's simply a lousy person. it's 100% for Jonny. players, programs, parents...never mind. but look out!


State pursued Calipari when Sendek left, knowing he would win and knowing he would cheat. "But nothing he's done at Kentucky has been outside the rules.". How do you know THAT, Tom? A leopard can't change his spots, and Calipari is a habitual cheater. He can't help it, that's who he is. He won't change 'til his mid 60's.


And I've never heard ANYONE say "That guy was a good player but Calipari really taught/coached him to be GREAT!". Isn't that what good/great coaches do?? Just like a great player, they make the other players better. As far as NC State, the rumor was Calipari passed on the job because the academic requirements were too high and he didn't think he could get the players he would want into the program. There should also be some sort of three strikes for coaches so when they find out what rules he's broken at Kentucky they can ban him from ever coaching in college again.


Tom, before you make the assumption that everything he has done was within the rules, you may want to read up on his relationship with World Wide Wes. There's a chance Calipari is on the up and up, but his history doesn't make it seem too likely. Plus, he was clearly NOT within the rules with Bledsoe.

Also, I would NEVER want him to coach the Tar Heels, I would be terrified that he would be the next Butch Davis and mess with the school's integrity.


TarheelMax beat me to it. Calipari isn't the recruiter that you make him out to be. He has 1 helluva pg in World Wide Wes. Wes is funneling players to Calipari and it's not a secret. Wes has more connections than anyone in bball. Gets into place very few can and I'm not sure ANYONE even know what the does. He somehow befriends practically all the elite hs bball player early on and that relationship carries over all the way thru the pros. It's just matter of time before this all comes to an end.

And NO I don't want Calipari as a coach if it means having Wes sit behind the bench hugging the team's star players. BTW, last article states Wes is in the process of becoming a legal agent. That in and of itself says something isn't quite right. You can't drive that close to the line without crossing it.


Would it not be more accurate to say that nothing that you know of so far that Calapari does is outside the rules? Calapari has cheated everywhere he has coached.
Don't gloss over that. I wouldn't trade a bushel of Calapari's for one Roy Williams or Coach K. They have demonstrated integrity of a long period of time. In a couple of years when the NCAA gets around to investigating him you will see that you just jumped on the bandwagon along with everyone else Tom.


Yeah this will go on as long as he's coaching in the colelge ranks and there is a need for a coach in the NBA. ESPN just likes to get the Big Blue Nation riled up. They need to let it die. Seriously.


Resorting to fallacies doesn't make you sound smart. UK is tankig advantage of the rule. Trust me, UK fans would want John wall, cousins, Bledsoe, etc. For multiple years. Coach K? Duke fan huh? Congrats on them winning their 4th title last year... Kentucky accomplished that in 1958. hall of shamer? You're creative man. Heres an idea:Go home and do some research. Duke will never amount to UKs tradition (hell, they can't even catchup with UNC who is the best team historically in the state of north Carolina). You lose :)


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The star four-year player becomes increasingly mythical every season. And that's OK. We all go to college with different aspirations, and the idea is to get out of it what we need. Are tennis players or golfers evil because they turn pro before they reach 19?

Calipari has an interesting, and extremely tainted, past. But nothing he's done at Kentucky has been outside the rules.

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My problem with Calipari is that he tends to be a "make eucesxs" guy about losses, which often leads to "throw his players under the bus" mentality, like his idol Rick Pitino. I'm not hating, but it's a factor. Totally with you on One Shining Moment, though. Weird caveat. ESPN Classic ran the game last night, and I guess they don't have proprietary rights to the OSM song, so the same exact footage ran with some techno house song. It was surreal.

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