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I'm choosing the Bobcats game myself, got the national broadcast and draft on DVR at home, and will follow the draft from the Bobcats game on my phone.


Heck, even the Bobcats players would rather watch the draft than go to Time Warner tonight. Rufus is having a draft party at his house!

slim shady

i find it strange that you would consider a bobcats game if there were nothing else going on at all

Quinton Joke Coples

I think you should go back to Minnesota.

Bubba Sparx

If the Boobcats do not win the lottery...this team is in serious trouble.


Don't worry Stern will give the first pick to Hornets for Benson keeping the team in New Orleans.



YOu have to go to Bobcats game. History will be set tonight. They might be talking about this historically bad season 50 years from now. As you said, draft is annual.


I am choosing the Bobcats game. Rare this team is on a national stage, and I am happy that everyone gets to see what we've put up with this year. Simply no excuses from MJ on down to the end of the bench. This took years of ineptitude to pull off, not just one offseason of not giving a damm. Multiple bad ownership moves, crafted over time, a staff of fat yes-men not concerned about getting fired, and a collection of overreached, under talented players all rolled into one. I want someone to shine a light on this, and say what have they done to Charlotte? This franchise needs to be burned down, name and all, and rebuilt from scratch. If Jordan can't make this right in 2 years, just sell the team, bro. I'd rather not remember you as the worst exec and owner of all time in major sports. As a Tar Heel grad, its harder to remember you used to be the greatest with all the negativity surrounding your post-game life.

Monster LadyGaga

Interesting call tonight: Do I go to Time Warner Cable Arena and watch the Bobcats probably set an all-time record for futility, or go to Bank of America Stadium for the NFL draft?

I'd love to do both. But there is so much pre-pick jockeying that I'd have to leave the Bobcats-New York Knicks game a few minutes after it began.

The draft is annual. What the Bobcats could be doing, setting an all-time NBA record for lowest winning percentage, ought to be once in a lifetime.

The decision isn't difficult. Interest from readers in the draft dwarfs interest in Charlotte's winning percentage.The NFL is by far the most popular sport in the country, and it adds to the margin every year.

So I'll be at the stadium, monitoring draft gossip, trades and potential trades and checking for updates from the Charlotte-New York game.

I suspect I'll return to the arena this week. When a team has the worst record in the league, there is always post-season drama, and it usually begins right away.

Monster LadyGaga

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