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JP, get a grip dude. It isn't THAT serious. Besides, instead of getting so heated over the name of our NBA franchise, why don't you just sit back, have a cold one (of your choice) and relax. I think you could use the break.


Get the name but only if Jordan can get the teal and purple back too! No good to have one without the other. We want it all back!


We want the name back and it is serious if you do not love Carolina sports and want to just sit back and chill instead of getting that name back I question your loyalty to this state and it's history.


JP, those unis are worth at least 10 wins a season. Proven under tightly controlled environment to add 5 inches to your vertical and a 5% bump to 3-pt %.


I think JP is a young kid that just joined the bandwagon.

Thank you Tom for a great article. Changing the name would increase fans but wouldn't change the team at all.

I do think it is the right choice though. I mean more fans means more support. More support of the players can mean better playing.


Last time I checked, the name didn't put W's in the column and Charlotte in the playoffs. The reason the fans are not at the games has nothing to do with the name. If they were the "Charlotte Sillynannies" and were winning, I wouldn't care. I want W's. Not names.

If the team gets the name back, and goes 7-51 (like now), are seats going to be filled? NOPE!


I agree with JP... I love my sports in NC. I was in 4th when the Hornets came out. LOVED them like crazy! Panthers been a fan since the day they were announced! Hurricanes I do not even like hockey BUT I love the Hurricanes! Why? Simple I was born and raised in Charlotte, NC. To me it's a pride thing. I love the B**cats but hate the name. I Lived in St Louis while in the Air Force and I fell in love with the Cardinals BUT if Charlotte, Raleigh Greensboro, any NC town got a MLB team.... Sorry Cards you would get demoted to #2


Well said. Would be epic to have the Hornets name back where it belongs, but that isn't enough...we need some top notch basketball players and a connection between team and fans to bring back the energy and noise we grew up experiencing in the hive! I've never experienced anything like it in sports since Shinn rolled out of town. Thanks Tom!


I would cream my pants if they worked out a deal to get Stephen Curry in the offseason and he debuts in a Charlotte Hornet uniform along with Anthony Davis. See? I'm instantly back into this franchise if that were to happen. Even one of those things happening though is a pretty distant longshot.


I didn't know this is English class can I redo my paper teacher???? You know which two fingers you can get GO HORNETS....


Guarantee you that butts would be in seats RIGHT NOW if this team wasn't the Bobcats and were the Hornets....I'd bet money and I mean plenty of BUTTS....


I don't care how you spin it, the Bobcats name is just a horrible reminder of Bob Johnson. It has no ties or true meaning to this city. The Hornets, on the other hand, does have deep roots and means so much to so many. Yeah, changing the name isn't going to help make the team better or may not even put butts in the seats initially. However, they will sell a ton of merchandise and I will be one who gets back behind the name and team that belongs in this city. Getting the #1 pick and introducing our old name would bring a huge "BUZZ" back to this city. MAKE IT HAPPEN JORDAN. $2.5 million is nothing for you. You waste more than that on expiring contracts every year. We ARE the CHARLOTTE HORNETS!!!!!!


I agree ktown8 GO HORNETS


"what ktown8 said"

Big Tony

Hornets baby hornets are coming back!!!! We beelieve


I haven't cared about the NBA for years, including the Bobcats. I was always turned off by the name, because of the narcissism of Bob Johnson to name them after himself. For me, I think it would actually help to bring back the Hornets. Before Shinn screwed up, this town loved the Hornets. In fact, one of my favorite sports moments ever was being at the Coliseum that first-year when the Hornets but Jordan's Bulls in overtime. That place was rockin!! So...bring back the teal!


Hornets please!!!!!


Obviously I meant the Hornets "BEAT" Jordan's Bulls!

Big Tony

Can we get the ric flair Wooo back at the very least????

James Reed

I was previously apathetic about changing back to the Hornets but like Tom I now think it would be a great move. This franchise needs a change in the worst way.


7 wins are 7 wins. No more people are goingbto see this team keep losing by 30.




Bring back the Hornets name and colors. Maybe the best basketball player to play the game will sell the team to someone who can really run it and make it into a winner. Michael you were a great player but a disaster as management & ownership as you have proven with the Charlotte & Washington franchise. Good article Tom.

Big chub a dub

This is a done deal In my mind. Bring back the hive. Hornetzzzzzz hornetzzzzz

Moses Malone


You are a huge bandwagon fan. The only difference is you don't know when to get off. However can you explain your devotion to John Daly or the 1988 slicked back hairdo. I'm willing to bet you have a closet full of fake leather jackets and mock neck t-shirts.

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