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J.R. Fountain

It will put my big but in a seat!!!


Bring back the name and the colors, and maybe even Grandma-ma Larry Johnson. Anything to get this city excited about bball again. (obviously a joke about Johnson, hes got to be 40 by now,) Lets all pray that this change happens and that the lottery ball falls our way.rf


How many times has Charlotte been in the lottery? How many times have they drafted in the top 4? The drawing is rigged, I'm tellin' ya. It's rigged.

Eric Cutchin

I would like to see the Hornets name back here where it belongs. But I will support the team no matter what. However, on the flip side I'd like to start a campaign for the New Orleans name change. Something that fits with teh region as well as ties in with the owner having another team in the same city. I declare the New Orleans SINNERS!

Tim Tebow

I despise Bob Johnson and the name he picked.

Get rid of bobcats and change to anything....might as well go with the hornets, makes sense to me.

bring back the buzz.


Blah Blah Blah Last I checked the name never won a game players do..New Orleans are not going to change there name either because it doesn't make sense for them to do either, they also need players not a name. GO BOBCATS!!! IF YOU DON'T LIKE THEM DON'T SUPPORT THEM WE DON'T NEED YOU ANYWAY FAIRWEATHER FANS GO SUPPORT NEW ORLEANS IF YOU WANNA ROOT FOR THE HORNETS!


Bring em back!
bobcats call all season long trying to get me to buy more tix. ( i usually buy good seats once per season) IF they change the name & bring our old history back... im buying season tickets the day its announced.
otherwise... the bobcats are like some team in a timewarp. not really ours... never really felt like my team.


BOBCATS!!! For life!!

Real Talk

If all it takes is having the name Hornets and NOTHING else matters, then why weren't butts in the seats before the Hornets moved outta town to begin with. If butts woulda been in seats just for the name then we never woulda lost the team to begin with. If we win, bandwagon/casual fans will come. Period!


yes i agree
change something i mean our jerseys look like crap who the f*ck designed them.
give us a new beginning instead of Bobcats


Get the name back and I'll get season tix. But until then, The WhoCats?

Jim B.

Most of you newcomers don't know what the Charlotte Hornets meant to this town. I still remember being in high school, attending the first ever game in 1988 at the "new" Old Charlotte Colosseum, and getting trounced by Brad Daugherty and the Cavs by 40 points. When Kelly Tripucka hit the first basket in franchise history, the crowd erupted like we had just won the NBA championship, lol! I still remember it like it was yesterday.

It didn't matter that we weren't any good the first few years, getting the Hornets franchise was the biggest moment in this city's history...finally we had arrived as a "major league" city. They were and are our first love.

I had to move out west years ago for work, but when I talk to friends in Charlotte, I will sometimes ask, "How are the Hornets doing this year?" And they always answer, "No no, it's the Bobcats now." "Oh yeah, the Bobcats, riiiiight...." Thanks a lot George Shinn!

Quite frankly, the Bobcats mean absolutely nothing to me. I have never been to a game nor cheered for them, nor do I ever intend to. When I see Hornets highlights on ESPN, I always think I'm watching the Charlotte team until I see "New Orleans" fly across the screen. I'm still not used to it. Please MJ, GIVE US BACK OUR HORNETS!!!

Time for Hugo!!!

I know it will cost millions but the millions made from increased fans support will dwarf the cost associated with a name change. I have NEVER paid for Bobcats tickets and haven't been to a game in 3 years. I live in downtown and less than .2 miles from the arena. I could care less about the Bobcats. Bring back the Hornets and I will begin paying for tickets.

MJ, you must have some idea as to the amount of increased support you will get.


Change their name to the Sting at least they played for a championship. This article would be moot if the Bobcats won games.


hornets all day, bring me back to days of lj curry and morning, even davis, mashburn..hornets all day

April Wood

I think a name change is very important for the Charlotte team.

The Bobcat name is associated closely with the previous racist owner as well as a corrupt arena bond bundling.


The Hornets are the name of Charlotte's NBA team. The Bobcats have just been the stand-in for the main actor. Let's go Hornets!!!


I have confidence in Rich Cho that he knows what his is doing concerning building a roster with or without Anthony Davis. The FIRST priority is winning. Period.

However, the name DOES matter. Too much negative baggage associated with the name "Bobcats." People never stopped loving the Hornets. They stopped loving the owner. Aside from winning, the consumer/community does matter. And if bringing back the "Hornets" will help bring back the community then 2.5 million is pocket change. The colors, Hugo, everything.

Bottom line: If this sort of thing didn't matter, then go ahead and close every marketing/advertising business in the country. "Coke? Advertise? No need to because we have the best soft drink by far. We don't need to advertise." That kind of thought process brings failure. How you present your product is nearly important as the product itself.



Old Hornet

As many on this board, I grew up with the Hornets as my team and went to games at the Hive. I remember the outpouring the city showed when Bobby Phills was killed, and how all the Coliseum workers wore black #13 buttons. I was in the Hive when we swept the Heat and everyone in town was wearing the white head bands to support our team. I graduated high school in 2002, the same year the Hornets last played in Charlotte and moved away from Charlotte to go to college. To me, the NBA isn't the same, without the Hornets name being in Charlotte. While the Bobcats is a cutesy, middle school nick name, the name Hornets needs to come back to the Queen City. It was the cities identy, and one can argue that the QC hasn't been the same place since the team left. Sorenson says that the cost to change the name is $2.3 million. Now, Jordan has proven that he doens't like spending money, so theirs a chance he might not pony up the cash for the name change. If MJ truly wants to buy the Hornets name and rebrand the franchise, does anyone know if that money has to come from the Bobcats organization? Could a Hugh McCol or Pat McCory (for example...I know it would be truly ironic) write the NBA a check for the $2.3 million on behalf of MJ and the Bobcats?


Who cares what you call them? THEY STINK. PERIOD.


We in New Orleans would be happy to give you the Charlotte Hornets name back. We never wanted that name anyway. The Hornets name belongs to Charlotte, just like the Jazz name belongs to us.

I will miss Hugo though. That dude is a cool cat.

SC Ken

To JP-you were correct in using "Your". J doesn't know what he is talking about. You're means you are, not the possessive "your".
That said, bring back the hornet name and colors.

Freedom Huggins

Please Jordan, make this happen. Bring back my HORNETS!!!


Anybody remember how the Charlotte Hornets gear was showing up all over the world? I went to Moscow and they had the little nesting dolls in a Charlotte Hornets theme!

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