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chad o

Carolina Flight- light blue, white and red colors(same as NC license plate)- Jet as logo. Carolina opens fan base up in SC where as sad to say but some think is South Carolina panthers so it would be nice to think they have a team to call theirs too. Now Flight goes so many ways.1. First In Flight-its what the STATE is known for. Take Flight- jordans slogan to his brand. how many high fliers are in the league that take flight for a sick dunk and last it would make a sick logo. if this cant happen I'm with changing it to hornets getting rid of those horrible colors(that orange and blue looks like a less colorful Knick uniform) and that horrible name the BOBcats.....uggghh


If the Bobcats are to change the name back to the Hornets, then they better comp me back for ALL of the Bobcats' gear purchased in the last several years as a season ticket holder. $2.5 million for a name change isn't anything when you consider all of the money fans have invested into the ball club.

If you really think changing the name back to the Hornets is going to do a thing, then do it. I'll bet doing this will backfire, 'cause you're going to have a lot of angry Bobcats' fans who have spent money into the franchise only to see the team abandon the name. It's a catch-22 no matter how you look at it.

The ONLY way to turn this into a profitable franchise is the WIN. No ands-ors-ifs about it....WIN, and people will come.

chad o

to kyl. what fans? have you wathced a game lately there are more people working at the game than fans attending it. so how can you make these so called fans who be mad with all their Bobcat gear when they dont exist. i live 1 hour away from charlotte and i think i am the only true fan in Richmond County. I go to fayetteville and the cats arent even on Fox Sports there. thats a huge fan base right there that they obviously arent targeting. wilmington also. they need to start from scratch and that begins with rebranding


That's cool if your a Bobcats fan then let us show you the door KYL because if this happens you can sit at home and pout (I've bought Charlotte Bobcats gear and would throw it all away to get this name back). I and about 19 million other Carolinians will enjoy having the real team of the Carolinas back and win or LOSE we will fill that arena and will buy season tickets and Hornets gear. In a year of having the Hornets here I will bet they make MORE MONEY than the Bobcats have in 8 years as a franchise.


Memphis Blues, Utah Grizzlies, New Orleans Jazz, Charlotte Hornets.


Hmmmm, how's about a 3 way trade? Charlotte pays Utah the 2.5 mil, Benson gets the Jazz name, CLT takes the Hornets back, Utah becomes the Mighty Mtn Goats, or Fighting Choir, or Ski Patrol.

I don't much care for he NBA but it would make sense to take the Hornets name back. So far as the teal goes, that is so 80's and except for throwback uni's, can stay there.


It's one thing to cheer on a team that is struggling but a team that represents your city compared to cheering on a team that is struggling but a team that you feel never really represented Charlotte in any regard.

The Hornets struggled during many seasons in Charlotte, but the fans still showed because the Hornets were Charlotte's team in more ways than one. The same can't be said for the Bobcats.

If I was Michael, I'd start over. Now is a great time. You're coming off what could be the worst season in NBA history for any team. Why not dumb the old name and start over fresh with a top draft pick!


$2.5 Million is a small price to pay. Just think of the millions of dollars of new Charlotte Hornets merchindise that will be sold in the first week if we got the name changed back.


Whoever thinks that changing the name back to the Hornets, and having unis and colors like they used to, did not watch a single Hornets game nor grow up here in the 80s-90s. This used to be the model of a small-market franchise, and what little national recognition that CHA had was in those uniforms. Till Cam Newton, there hasn't been a national sports figure in Charlotte since the Grandmama days. 2.5 million? Is that it?? And how much are we paying Carrol/Diop/Magette/Diaw/Thomas this year? That is an outright bargain. Please, MJ, you should be on the phone with him now from your golf course and making this a major off-season priority.


Charlotte HORNETS bay-bee, make it happen MJ


Bobcats is BY FAR the worst team nickname in all of professional sports. it's like a middle school mascot!! And it's not like there is anything at all special about the bobcat history lol


I'll backup JP. The name IS important. I grew up watching the Hornets... the only pro-sports memories from my child hood.

Of course W's are the ultimate goal. But when you struggle to get the Ws, history can and does keep fans like me loyal. I'd be loyal the the Charlotte Hornets. And I'd buy merchandise win or lose. But I'll only support the Bobcats when they're winning. They're just too forgettable otherwise. Bring back the buzz!

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I was wrong, you were right: Go Charlotte Hornets!

Wrong. You were right the first time. They were wrong then and wrong now and stupider than hell. Dont cave in to deranged idiot(s) who dont know their ass from a hole in the ground.

Remember when you took your test or SAT and the instructers always said never go back and change your answer because you were always right the first time?
Your instructors were right.

Changing the name is completely and unequivocably 100% meaningless and useless like the turds who clamor for it in such stupdity.

reality sux

You would have to swap out the current New Orleans Hornets or the original Charlotte Hornets franchise from 1988 - 2004 with the Charlotte Bobcats 2004 - 2012 for this to work and that is impossible.

Just changing mascot names and not the teams is the epitomy of frivolty not to mention superstitious plus there is no tooth fairy Easter bunny or Santa Claus.

The real world always operates 180 degrees different from the fantazy world but each to their own imagination.

Losers are losers.


It just plain doesn't matter. If they continue to suck on the court, nobody will care, no matter whether they're called Bobcats, Flight, Hornets, or the Tune Squad.


Bring it back. I would pay big money for that first game back!!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen we are now LIVE AT THE HIIIIIIIIVVVVVVVEEEEEE!!!!!

or however it went! Get the teal and purple back!!!


I have read so many folks that believe that the miniscule 2.5 million will generate over 5 millions in new sales/marketing opportunities with much more value to the team.

Hal B

Great post Tom!

Hal B

More importantly, have you heard any more rumors about name change on their end other than Benson statement?


All I care about is getting Hugo back. He is a fantastic mascot...way better than that ugly orange bobcat.

Freedom Huggins

I seriously think it's just a matter of time that we will see the Charlotte Hornets again. I'm exited!!!


Charlotte Hornets!!!!!!Same color scheme and everything! I have always supported the Bobcats but they never got me amped like the Hornets did. The experience at the games, the court, the uniforms, Hugo...I would help pay for it with season tickets if they switched back to our REAL name!!!!!!


I'd rather see the Cougars. But bottom line, Bobcats name must go.

Kelly Tripuka

Please bring back the Hornets name and colors. I for one would go to many more games. This franchise needs a change. Just look at the poll held on this site. 98% of the people who voted want the Charlotte Hornets back. CHARLOTTE HORNETS, CHARLOTTE HORNETS!!!!!!!!

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