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Soooo, MJ isn't allowed to watch any other professional sports team? He lived in Chicago for years and has connections to the city... it's not like he was wearing a Bulls cap and sitting behind the bench of his former team.

Owners don't go to every game when their team is good, I wouldn't expect them to go to every game when the team stinks either. Even if it's an epic stink like the Robertcats.

joe cool

The Captain goes down with his ship!

Fast Eddie the gambler

Bonnell talks a lot but says little.

Brown is NYC-UNC old Skool when coaches were coaches not just babysitters and has a right to be pissed being fired.

Jordan needs to sell like yesterday. Get the hell out before Chap 13. Its a bottomless pit. NBA owners are all billionaires and only use it as a tax writeoff. Billionaire follies.

Its over. Way out of your league. Billionaires club only. Pro sport ownership will suck your ass dry worse than Wall St or Vegas high rollers if you dont know what you are doing.


What a ridiculous non-point. To think that an owner is required to watch every game his team plays is ludicrous. Every one of these blog posts seems to be more bitter and petty than the last.

Dook Sucks

I've got to agree with Tom here. Brown's coaching style is unique and clearly was faltering toward the end. MJ made a tough, but correct decision to let him go.

On the other hand, MJ has to know better than to be out playing around in Chicago when his team is on the verge of becoming the worst of all time. He can't expect people to stop calling him a lousy owner when he appears to be completely uninterested.

Chris G.

At the end of the day it probally doesn't matter one way or the other. The team is horrible, and if Jordan were to go to every game and watch them I think they'd still be horrible. The only think that matters is does Jordan or someone in his front office have a plan to turn this around??? If not they could change the name, change the colors, change the uniforms, change their underwear.....it won't matter, no one will care.


The idea this year was to tank in order to secure a top 4 pick. Hopefully, we get lucky and get Davis. Otherwise, we will continue to rebuild. We had a ton of terrible contracts on this team full of players who barely play. We can't get better until we get more young talent. Eventually, we will get there. I think that we will be much improved next year and hope that you guys won't jump off any bridges in the meantime.

slim shady

jordan is a moron, just because he was good at bball and made millions doesn't mean he isn't a total clown.

he's failed at everything except playing ball and posing in undies.


Curry, No one loves MJ more than I do, but your comment takes ridiculousness to an art-form. If fans are being asked to show up for home games to watch a lousy product, at least the owner can fly for free at the team's expense to show his support for the franchise he himself purchased. And as Tom says, if you are going to hop on plane, certainly it should be to the city your team is playing.

Season Ticket Holder

Anybody think that maybe he was there trying to shore up some additional sponsors or advertising dollars for the team to grow? As someone said, he did live most of his life in Chicago and probably has deep connections to many business owners there. No, nobody thought about this. Instead it is the blind leading the sheep. Nice job CO.

Monster Beats By dr. dre

I still think Carolina will and should take North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples in tonight's NFL draft, unless wide receiver Justin Blackmon falls to them.

But I don't know, and I don't claim to know, what the Panthers will do.

Their greatest need is a pass rusher, and Coples is the most talented pass rusher in the draft. True, Coples has a lot of critics, many in the media. So did Cam Newton, and many of his loudest critics were in the media, too.

Whomever your pick is, enjoy the evening. Maybe see you at Bank of America Stadium. The draft party the Panthers sponsored, for the first time, last season was superb.


Tommy, I went to high school with Chaz Powell from PSU, he reeutnrd the opening kickoff in the PSU game. I was wondering what you thought of him from a scouts perspective. They had him on offense the last couple of years, he had a few big plays, and now he's back on Defense. anyway, do you have an opinion at all?


Tommy,The guy RGIII reminded me most of was not Cam Newton, but rethar, Donovan McNabb. More specifically, the Syracuse McNabb. How do you think Robert compares to young Donnie?

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