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Big Tony

Drop to your knees and give me thirty minutes little Tom!!!


I completely agree. there is "talking on cellphone at bank teller window" guy who should be shot, and "bluetooth guy conducting world-shaking important business while browsing Target" guy who should be tortured, then shot. Gald the Masters doesn't put up with it

slim shady

they ban cell phones and won't let women join the club. no wonder that place is so quiet.


Then there are the people on one of the vehicles of public transportation on their cell phones having a domestic dispute with their significant other, at top volume of course. And there are the people who simply have no idea whatsoever how to communicate without making every other word an obscenity. Those creeps are everywhere.

joe cool

for 750 dollars a tickets they should blow me never mind my cell phone!


The ones I love are the idiot doctors and attorneys I've seen around discussing their patients/clients on the "push-to-talk" phones where everyone near them can hear the entire conversation!

So much for respecting the confidentiality of their patients/clients!


Slim Shady, they are just excercising their civil rights, as upheld by the Supreme Court.

Joe Cool, with that potty mouth, they'd kick you out $750 ticket or not!

Sports don

For mom's not having contact with kids at home is an issue. They were allowed at Wachovia last year and I never heard a phone during the day. Texting is a way of life that can not be halted, unless you are a backwards thinking Master's Redneck.

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"If you are ever talking on the phone and sorting laundry, you always have that one red sock that ends up in the whites,"


fo sho toms i be agrebing wit you mayne. they be on they phone and i be like wuh mayne real stank out


Big Tony,just WHAT do you want little Tom to do for thirty minutes?

CPT Joe Jennings

I'm deployed in Afghanistan where nobody has a phone for fun....Its a blessing.

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@@ each kid is the gift sent by the god


This proposed ban is utter nssnenoe, unenforceable, and a complete waste of Council's time. If and when the state is successful in passing such a law, we'll all observe it. For such a progressive community to entertain a plan that avidly embraces such a level of discrimination is ridiculous. If one were to have an auto accident while using a cell phone, how will who we were talking to at the time be verified? Will it be just the driver's word, or will we be forced to turn our phone records over to the police? Council needs to find real, enforceable issues to work on this is an embarrassment.


Just watched the reaply of the public hearing . Three people plus Joe C who spoke in favor of it . Doesn't seem like overwhelming demand . Our Leaders have been discussing for two years , imagine if these folks would have put the same time and energy into attracting a new company or business to Chapel Hill. And from what I can tell it could cause us to be sued if someone gets a ticket . Causing more wasted time and money


I would like to see my elected oicffials working on issues involving economic development and lowering my taxes. I want them to be leaders for the entire town and not just their personal projects. That's what I meant to say.


Ewww!!! A cell phone in your cleavage??? LOL! That renimds me of the days when my mom suggested I pin my mad money to by bra. How awkward when you go to pay the cab fare! (I'm funnin' ya!)On a more serious note, I am not a big purse gal, love to go clubbing and a purse is a major inconvenience. Over the holiday I purchased a Christmas gift for me and that was a refurbished iPhone (for a third the price of a new one) and I have to tell you I love it! I am definitely high tech, love the apps, love the fact that I can read your blog (and many of the others who comment here) while I'm waiting in line for whatever, or while I'm waiting for the recess bell to ring and I actually use it for work daily. The internet and music capabilities are amazing, though the camera is less than ideal. I don't care about that because I have a great point and shoot camera that takes excellent shots and I carry that with me most everywhere I go. I'm sorry I didn't make the switch sooner. Oh, and my iPhone slips nicely into my jeans or coat pocket leaving my cleavage free for the mad money! ;D

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I still think Carolina will and should take North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples in tonight's NFL draft, unless wide receiver Justin Blackmon falls to them.

But I don't know, and I don't claim to know, what the Panthers will do.

Their greatest need is a pass rusher, and Coples is the most talented pass rusher in the draft. True, Coples has a lot of critics, many in the media. So did Cam Newton, and many of his loudest critics were in the media, too.

Whomever your pick is, enjoy the evening. Maybe see you at Bank of America Stadium. The draft party the Panthers sponsored, for the first time, last season was superb.

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