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slim shady

the hit was an accident, watch it.

Cam Newton will prob tell OKC that the lakers have a bounty system.


This letting a guy change his name to something ridicuous sets a bad precedent for professional sports. Starting with Ochocinco and now this clown, both questionable character athletes.

XFL's lasting legacy is this crap. Or does the credit go back further to Prince becoming he Artist Formerly Known as...?

If you want to go to your real dad's name or mom's maiden name that's cool, but otherwise just say no commissioners!


Slim, get new glasses... he claims he didn't know Harden was there, but the replay shows he was in contact with him before the elbow flew so while the elbow clearly can fly, the excuse doesn't!

Oh, and bringing Cam Newton into your post about something that happened in the NBA makes absolutely NO sense whatsoever unless you just can't pass up any chance to bash Cam!

Jim B.

I saw that game live. At first, it seemed like an accidental collision under the basket, but when the close-up replay was shown, I couldn't believe what I was seeing.

Artest has a new all-time low with this (sorry not calling him "World Peace" anymore after this stunt...maybe World's Biggest Piece of Sh-t?). Artest knew Harden's head was there, & threw his behemoth elbow as hard as he could right at it. Harden will miss multiple games & is lucky it was hit near the back of the head & not the side; that could have ended his career & even his life.

Considering his track record, if Artest is not suspended the entire rest of the season (including playoffs obviously since the Lakers have only one more reg. season game), it's obvious that NBA cares more about it's glamour teams than stopping thug behavior on the court.

And @John, please don't feed the trolls. The sooner we ignore these Newton-obsessed idiots, the sooner they will get bored & go away.

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