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I watched the highlights of the bobcats game on sportscenter this morning and its clear that Tyrus Thomas never touched him. He came close. He definitely swung the elbow but no contact was made. Im still wondering why TT admitted to hitting him when he didnt. For those who doubt me, go watch the highlight for yourself. Dont get me wrong, Im not a TT fan, but it was an obvious flop.


Sorry Tom, I have to respectfully disagree on Coples. He isn't the poor man's Julius Peppers people want him to be. He'd be a nice late 1st pick, but not at #9. Assuming Clairborne and Kalil are gone (Blackmon is overrated imo), I take Fletcher Cox or Luke Kuechly at 9. On the off chance both are gone, I go with Stephon Gilmore (or maybe Michael Brockers).

Rick F

No go on Coples. The Panthers have already stated they do not want a project.

If Blackmon or Claiborne are gone by 9 we are taking Cox or trading back.

Mike P

Funny how people even mention Blackmon or Claiborne "slipping". Isn't going to happen. Not even a slight chance of it happening. And I seriously hope there is no chance of taking this dude with the #9 pick. His production dropped because he got moved to the right? What's he think is going to happen in the NFL? Left tackles in college are right tackles in the pros.


TT admitted to it because he did in fact hit him with the left elbow. Regardless, he shouldn't have been kicked out since he was bringing the ball over in his own space and his left elbow wasn't extended. A player has to be entitled to their own space. I would feel differently if it was his right elbow that him and TT may have been penalized based upon an earlier foul along with MWP's actions the day before.

Shane P

Michael Floyd. Huge skill set, immediate impact, instant #2, future #1 guy. All the "pundits" say there are only 8 elite players in this years draft but they forgot about Mr.Floyd, to me this kid is a victim of ND and the perception about their players. We have a strong lockeroom so worries about character issues, this kid will be ready to go day 1 and could be a pro bowler in a couple of years in this offense. Plus, Smitty and Cam will benefit as this kid can help keep the coverage from rolling to #89, think about how good Smitty was when Moose was on the other side and Jake throwing to him. Think about how good he was last year, getting double and tripled teamed in a new offense with a rookie QB! Now think about how good he would be this year single covered with a solid #2 like Floyd on the field, in this offense! In short, the offense would be UNSTOPPABLE, we won't even need defense! That's where the league is trying to go anyway...

slim shady

Panthers need Cox


SawTheGame..........watch it closer. Singleton doesnt react by falling down until the right elbow comes near his face. The replay it in slow motion for you. Even the anchors comment about how he wasnt even hit. I think TT admitted to hitting him because of how fast it happened, that he sees Singleton fall back and TT doesnt even realize he didnt actually hit him.



Agree Shane, Michael Floyd. I have a bad feeling about Coples. Floyd or Kuechly please?


Coples?! No way. Bust written ALL OVER HIM!!! UNC defensive players struggle in the NFL. Coples doesn't have a motor and wasn't dominante. He blamed have a down year because he was "playing better pass block left talkcles" than when he played righ tackles. WORST EXCUSE EVER!!! Those "better" left tackles don't compare to any starting tackles in the NFL. This Kid is big but is the next Jamaal Anderson, he's going to get man handled in the NFL

Cox, Luke, trade down... the only 3 quality options we have at 9


they be crazy toms. metta fo sho. stank out

Cam's Entourage

All for Coples the Tarheel haters can just shut there pie holes.


This isn't a Carolina or not Carolina thing. It's a he's overrated thing. No way in hell you can tell me he's like Julius Peppers. Coples hasnt even dominated in ACC, an average football conference. I agree he's a first rounder, but top 10 pick?? No way. He's a project, not someone we can plug in and start from day one. You have to take the best player available and if we take him at the 9th pick, he will not be the best player available.

Mtn H2O

Once Coples gets paid he will get lazy & will be a bust. Hopefully the Panthers look elsewhere at #9. Kuechly, Gilmore, or Kirkpatrick

Julius Peppers

I knew the Panthers were fine with me taking plays off. As long as I showed up every now and then, made a few highlight plays, then everything would be alright!

Now, you're gonna draft my boy, Quinton. I taught him how to relax, not push it on every play...because it only will tire you out. I told Quinton he'll still get paid, and he'll still be loved...because he's a Tar Heel.

Smart move, J.R....take care of my boy


Some of these are just ridiculous comments because a lot of the crap is by individuals that haven't really watch QC play and are just basing their opinion on what people say or because they they don't like UNC. QC is the top rated DE and you don't pass on that if you have the opportunity. People don't understand that QC in addition to playing DE also played DT and also played with an inexperience interm head coach who quit on the team. If you don't believe that had a dramatic effect on a entire football team you don't know football.


Couples might be the top player in this draft but no way I get past that lack of work ethic and judgement. We have to take someone else...even if he is a physical marvel at a very high value position. This coming from a UNC fan.

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I still think Carolina will and should take North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples in tonight's NFL draft, unless wide receiver Justin Blackmon falls to them.

But I don't know, and I don't claim to know, what the Panthers will do.

Their greatest need is a pass rusher, and Coples is the most talented pass rusher in the draft. True, Coples has a lot of critics, many in the media. So did Cam Newton, and many of his loudest critics were in the media, too.

Whomever your pick is, enjoy the evening. Maybe see you at Bank of America Stadium. The draft party the Panthers sponsored, for the first time, last season was superb.


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